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Stonewall Citizens Patrol vehicle gets a facelift

SAN DIEGO -- The Stonewall Citizens' Patrol's (SWCP) vehicle has received a new look, which was debuted last weekend during San Diego Pride.

Formed in 2006, the organization has owned two vehicles since its founding, which were originally painted white and black, similar to the look of a police car.

SWCP now owns just one vehicle that its volunteers use to patrol the neighborhoods on weekend evenings and during special events. The vehicle's new look includes a white body, with blue striping and the organization's logo.

The group decided to repaint the vehicle so it better represented SWCP's branding and to make sure that the vehicle looked more like a volunteer neighborhood watch group, rather than a police car.

Community members and SWCP volunteers took to Facebook to share their thoughts on the vehicle's new look:

-- Noah Cohen: "The new design of the Stonewall Citizens' Patrol's vehicle turned out great looking. If you see them on patrol, wave and if possible, say thank you!"

-- Jason Krasznai: "She looks beautiful! How exciting!"

-- Bob Lehman: "Awesome ... you guys should be so proud!"

-- Ken Craig: "Looking good and professional. Congrats from Castro Community On Patrol in San Francisco!"

SWCP volunteers assisted with safety patrols at the San Diego Pride festivities as well as around Hillcrest and neighboring areas in the newly painted vehicle this weekend.

For more information or to volunteer with SWCP, click HERE.