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Pride of Hillcrest Block Party a huge success

The first ever Pride of Hillcrest Block Party was a huge success. Held this past Friday, July 20, 2012, the night time event was attended by thousands of people and kicked off pride weekend in San Diego. Celebrations started with the raising of the brand new 18′/12′ Hillcrest Pride Flag on a 65′ flag pole at the intersection of Normal Street and University Avenue. At 7 PM the Block Party got underway with thousands celebrating on the dance floor, in the VIP area, and in private cabanas.

Prior to the Block Party, the Hillcrest Business Association pledged its proceeds from the event to underwrite the construction of the flagpole. The success of the event will greatly contribute to completing funding for the Hillcrest Pride Flag. HBA Executive Director Benjamin Nicholls said “Over the years Hillcrest CityFest has paid for renovations to the Hillcrest Sign. Now the Pride of Hillcrest Block Party is going to help pay for the completion of the Hillcrest Pride Flag.”

The view from the stage during the headline performance with Neon Hitch.

Attendance at the Pride of Hillcrest Block Party far exceeded anything that the organizers expected. “We planned this event to support a smaller scale festival, similar to Mardi Gras.” said Benjamin Nicholls. “Enthusiasm and support for this first year event was huge, and bigger than we expected. I acknowledge that the huge turnout lead to long wait times at the bar and at the bathrooms.”

The HBA is eager to hear feedback and will be responsive to facilitating an even better block party next year.

“I am happy to say that the event was a huge success. Although, we were a victim of our own success,” said Nicholls. “The huge crowds caused problems and we are apologetic to attendees who waited in lines. I hope that folks will see the bigger picture and know that we’ll be working to address those concerns next year.”

Organizers suggest that anyone with positive suggestions and comments email benjamin@hillcrestbia.org. The Pride of Hillcrest Block Party was produced by the Hillcrest Business Association in partnership with McFarlane Promotions. The event was sponsored by San Diego Pride. The Hillcrest Pride Flag Monument was constructed by the Hillcrest Business Association with donations coming from private donors and the proceeds of the Amazing High Heel Race.