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Community members invited to join SDGLN and SDPIX contingent in tomorrow's San Diego Pride Parade

SAN DIEGO -- With San Diego LGBT Pride weekend here, there is a lot to celebrate. Along with the installation of the Hillcrest Pride Flag, military servicemembers being authorized to wear their uniforms in this year's Pride parade, and other advances in the fight for equality like the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," community members will be spending the weekend reflecting on these steps forward.

Hale Media, the parent company of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News and San Diego Pix, also has a milestone to celebrate this year and hopes the community will join its staff in the San Diego LGBT Pride Parade to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Founded in 2002 by publisher and CEO Johnathan Hale, the company has grown from simply sharing online photos of San Diego's LGBT nightlife scene, to a full media and marketing company, producing a monthly entertainment magazine, and daily LGBT news website with an international reach.

Hale Media's contingent in tomorrow's San Diego Pride Parade will be in the last group in the parade, just before the 300-foot rainbow flag that trails the parade each year. Community members are welcome to walk or ride with the staff, including SDGLN Editor in Chief Ken Williams, writers, contributors and friends of Hale Media and join in the celebration.

Those who wish to ride on Hale Media's float should wear white. Participants may also walk alongside the float, or join in and grab hold of the long flag that will follow the float and close out the parade.

SDGLN and SDPIX are pleased to have served the LGBT community for over 10-years and hope community members will join in the celebration.

Hale Media's contingent number is 173, and will line up in Zone E on Normal Street (see map below).

For more information about the San Diego LGBT Pride Parade, click HERE.

For questions about participating in Hale Media's contingent, contact Andrew at (760) 712-2377 or andrew@himsd.com.

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