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Community activist Tamandra Michaels seeks help paying for Borias The Heart Dog's medical expenses

SAN DIEGO -- Community activist, photographer and pet lover Tamandra Michaels is seeking help with medical expenses that her animal longtime companion Borias "The Heart Dog" needs.

"Bo," as he is affectionately called, is an 11-year-old service dog who is always seen by Michaels' side and is a regular subject of her animal and activism photography. Although he is partially blind, Michaels' said that he still lovingly stands by her side.

Due to Bo's condition, he needs a surgery that will remove his eye, costing Michaels more than $2,000. Michaels says that Bo's condition continues to decline and he becomes more and more uncomfortable everyday.

On Bo's Facebook page, "he" recently posted:

Well at long last me and mom found a great eye vet, and know what's wrong with my eyes. It's confirmed, I'm clinically blind. I have calcification of the cornea, and my 'bad' eye had the iris ripped, which caused the bleeding. There's no tumor, it's just all blood. We found out that I will have to have surgery, and my eye taken out :( I won't ever see again the way I did (it looks like I'm seeing through dirty cellophane). But the good news is I don't have cancer. And I can get a fake eyeball put inside my eye, and it'll just be grey color on the outside. They're looking into getting help for mom to pay for the surgery. Cuz my eye is hurting now. So now we both have disabilities! I'm mom's Service dog, and she's my Service human! Together we are whole.

Michaels would like to get Bo into surgery as soon as possible. To provide support, click HERE or send Michaels a message through Bo's Facebook page.

Left photos: Michaels says that Borias is a true believer in equality, as evidenced by him shredding a "Yes on Prop 8" sign (top photo); wearing his "Super Bo" costume which includes a rainbow flag and "Legalize Gay" shirt (middle photo); and posing in front of the iconic Hillcrest sign (bottom photo).