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Stonewall Citizens Patrols elects new board of directors

SAN DIEGO -- The Stonewall Citizens Patrol elected a new board of directors at a special meeting Tuesday night.

The newly elected directors will assume their positions on Aug. 1, at which time they will appoint the titled positions of president, secretary and treasurer.

The newly elected directors are:

Benny Cartwright

Nikki Berdy

Edwin Lohr

Larry McMinn

Rick Pyles

Karen Stone

Jay Turner

The Stonewall Citizens' Patrol is a volunteer neighborhood watch patrol group operating in the Hillcrest, North Park and University Heights areas of San Diego. More than 30 volunteers receive training from the San Diego Police Department and take turns patrolling the streets most weekend evenings.

In addition to patrolling, the organization focuses on crime awareness and crime prevention which includes distributing safety whistles, crime prevention posters, and safety tip cards.

Don Mitchell will remain as the organization's executive director.

For more information about the Stonewall Citizens Patrol, click HERE.