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In Kenya, bars begin banning LGBT customers

Several reports from Kenya indicate that bars and clubs in the country’s main cities are now enforcing a ban on LGBT people.

Reports from Nairobi, Nakuru and Mombasa indicate that popular bars enforce a strict no-entry policy towards men who are judged to be "too effeminate or women seen as too masculine or butch."

Tacos club, seen by many as the “unofficial official gay bar in Nairobi,” had its bouncers turn away shocked gay patrons after having received strict instructions not to allow any homosexuals into the premises.

Apparently the owner of Tacos made ordered this policy after discovering two men fondling in the bar’s restroom. Nevertheless Identity Magazine pointed out that this has happened several times before.

In Nakuru, Club Taidy, considered the city’s main gay venue, has also been clamping down on gays and in particular lesbians. This has been the policy for a month since a lesbian couple enjoying a friend’s birthday party were forcibly removed by bar security for "sexual dancing."

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(Editor's note: Dan Littauer is a frequent contributor to SDGLN.)