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Julianna hits Hillcrest once again

My old alter-ego Julianna comes back to life, re-styled, grown-up and ready to party. Her dress is a bit longer than they used to be and her face and hairstyle are a bit more Coco Peru than the old Hedwig style, but for the first time since 2003, I dress up in drag.

Aunt Johnny: Hail Betty, full of grace

So the task of weeding out the fags and perverts is not an easy one - and occasionally the Church has to call in the big guns to "sniff out the gay" in situations where a potential seminarian has a sexual poker face that requires a stronger hand. And by "big guns", of course I mean me and Betty White.

Chasing "the scene" or making time for me?

A couple of months ago, Benny was confident in his public declaration that he was not going to tan this year; that is, until he attended his first pool party of the season.

Pop Op: Letting go

One of the big themes of the Lost finale earlier this week was letting go and it inspired me to write a column; but since that topic wasn’t sexy enough, I thought to myself, what should we let go of? Then it came to me.

Aunt Johnny: Game night with Ann Curry and the girls takes a bizarre turn

I was in a chipper mood this morning, so I didn't mind offering her a little TLC after Ann Curry's embarrassing gaffe at Wheaton College's commencement ceremony where she mistakenly raddled off a bunch of notable graduates who never actually stepped foot on the Massachusetts campus because they attended the other college in Illinois. She is one of my dearest friends, but she can be somewhat of a dingbat sometimes.