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VIDEO: Second annual Amazing High Heel Race steps out Saturday

SAN DIEGO – Hillcrest will be taken over by men and women donning their highest high heels this Saturday for the second annual Amazing High Heel Race, a benefit for the Hillcrest Business Association’s community beautification projects.

The event, a neighborhood scavenger hunt in which participants must wear high heels to complete, celebrates the diversity of Hillcrest, which is known to be one of San Diego’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

During the race, teams of up to six participants will race throughout Hillcrest trying to find solutions to clues that will be located at participating businesses throughout the neighborhood. Each team will be required to complete the “tasks” in order to win and then close the day at an awards celebration at Gossip Grill.

Event organizers say that the tasks are “mostly PG-13 rated” but haven’t promised that there won’t be any “surprises” along the way.

Last year’s event raised nearly $5,000, most of which will go towards the installation of the Hillcrest Pride Flag.

Teams ranged from athletic to racy to outrageous as many came up with themed costumes to go along with their heels.

Joseph Sims, who was on the “SD Call Girls” team and participated in the race as “Misty Scott,” had two "girl down" episodes and had to use bright pink duct tape to keep her shoes from falling apart. She successfully completed the race, although her team won the “Biggest Cheaters” award for renting a Limo Bus to complete the race.

Participants must wear minimum 3-inch heels, and be a part of a team with a minimum of four people. Registration is $150 per team and must sign-up by Friday, June 15 online.

The race will go from 3 to 6 pm Saturday, June 16. For more information or to register, click HERE.