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Councilmember Todd Gloria dispenses $83,000 to community causes

SAN DIEGO – City Councilmember Todd Gloria today announced the allocation of over $83,000 to local facilities and organizations through his office’s Community Projects, Programs and Services (CPPS) funds.

“CPPS funds are the result of savings within my office budget. I am glad that I have been able to spend taxpayer dollars wisely and contribute those savings back to the community,” Gloria said. “Though it’s unfortunate that I could not provide funds to all of the worthy groups who sought them, I know the contributions made are incredibly worthwhile and will benefit Council District Three.”

REBOOT: $5,000

National Veterans Transition Service, Inc. (NVTSI) for REBOOT Workshops:

REBOOT Workshops provide for a public benefit and allow a large return on investment for the City. NVTSI’s REBOOT Workshops address the complex needs of recently separated service members and veterans who are transitioning from military service to civilian life but lack the know-how and support to be successful. Funding from the City will be used to purchase material for the program, which includes training documentation, exercise components, and supplies. The REBOOT program’s goals include reduced veteran unemployment; reduced veteran homelessness; improved job placement; improved job stability and retention; improved productivity prior to transition; improved economic productivity; improved individual, family health and well-being; reduced social services costs; reduced criminal justice costs; and improved public perception of veteran treatment. The positive societal impact is incalculable.

San Diego Natural History Museum: $8,056

San Diego Natural History Museum (SDNHM) for Canyoneers Guided Nature Hikes and Paleontology Fossil Recovery: San Diego Natural History Museum’s guided nature walks and fossil recovery activities serve thousands of San Diegans annually, enhancing the importance of environmental sustainability and recreation in our City. Funding from the City will be used to purchase needed education and visual aids to enhance guided exploration. Additionally, City funding will be used to conduct a systematic survey of potentially fossil-bearing exposures in the City of San Diego with the goal of salvaging exposed fossil remains.

San Diego Museum of Art: $10,000

San Diego Museum of Art for Energy Efficient LED Lighting for the Asian Court:

San Diego Museum of Art will be replacing incandescent lighting with high-efficiency LED lights to save energy and improve the quality of the color of the lights in the Asian Court. It is important that the visitor experience be of the highest quality possible, and the lighting that has been in the space for decades is both inadequate and inefficient. New energy-efficient lighting will benefit both the Museum and its thousands of visitors who will experience the Asian Court.

Balboa Park Online Collaborative Wounded Warrior Training Program: $10,000

Benbough Operating Foundation for the Balboa Park Online Collaborative Wounded Warrior Training Program: Benbough Operating Foundation’s Balboa Park Online Collaborative Wounded Warrior Training Program assists young service members who have been seriously injured transition from the military to the civilian sector through the creation of technology-based internship positions. Young, transition-age veterans (18-24) have higher rates of unemployment than any other demographic group, currently at 34%. This group also is at high-risk of becoming homeless and dependent on safety net systems. Participants in the program learn occupation skills and gain work experience, enabling them start careers and become wage earners, contributing to the tax base and local economy as consumers and productive community members. The Wounded Warrior Training Program benefits individuals, local safety net providers, military agencies, cultural institutions in Balboa Park and the community at-large.

House of Pacific Relations: $1,500

House of Pacific Relations International Cottages, Inc. for Saturday at the Lawn Programming: House of Pacific Relations International Cottages, Inc. will provide free musical and dance entertainment to the public in Balboa Park at the International Cottages stage. These funds will be used to sponsor two Saturday at the Lawn Events on May 12 and June 9, 2012 from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

North Park Main Street: $4,000

North Park Organization of Business, Inc. for the I-805 Gateway Beautification and Going Green Bike Corral projects: North Park Organization of Business, Inc.’s I-805 Gateway Beautification project will replace overgrown weeds and a poorly maintained cinder block wall with a public art installation featuring neighborhood landmarks. The installation will be constructed out of sustainable and recycled materials. The Gateway Project will create a greater sense of community and pride when entering the area.

The Going Green Bike Corral project promotes sustainable practices throughout the community and furthers implementation of a bike friendly environment. The Going Green Program proposed the installation of a bike corral on the southwest corner of 30th Street and North Park Way, which will provide for secure street parking for 12 bikes. This will help alleviate parking challenges within the crowded business district and increase the patronage of local businesses.

City Projects

In addition to the great causes above, Councilmember Gloria also contributed funds to some City projects including $24,000 to resurface the parking lot at the North Park Library; $5,000 to complete renovations at North Park’s Fire Station 14 (he allocated $10,000 to start the project in November): $15,000 for facility improvements at Fire Station 11 in Golden Hill; and $1,076 for bicycles for the Police Department’s Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol.