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San Diego Pride expands its diversity efforts

SAN DIEGO – To take its long-standing commitment to diversity a step further, San Diego LGBT Pride recently created a Diversity Task Force to work on a number of initiatives to ensure that all communities are truly represented within the organization.

Over 26 local diversity organizations were invited to participate in the Diversity Task Force and 17 individuals are currently a part of this working group. According to Pride, some of the diverse identities represented on the task force include bisexual, gender queer, Latino, black, leather, gay men, lesbian women, parents, seniors, Trans FTM, Trans MTF, differently abled and youth.

“It’s wonderful to see people so truly proud of the diversity they are a part of," said Pride’s Leadership and Community Resources director, Cheli Mohamed, a lesbian, a Latina and a mother. "Pride’s Diversity Task Force takes their job very seriously. They look carefully to see what needs to be done to make everyone feel welcome and included at Pride while working closely together to support the effort to make it happen."

Some of the projects the group is currently working include adding more diverse entertainment to the festival lineup, increased accessibility at all Pride events, and better relations with the Latino community here and south of the border.

Another project the group is committed to is an addition to the Pride Festival space called “Colors of Pride.”

This dedicated area will offer a full schedule of workshops both festival days to create a safe space for dialog and education around a host of issues covering Accessibility & Disabilities, Bisexuality, HIV, Leather, Senior Advocacy, Transgender Etiquette, Trans Men for Men, Trans Women for Lesbians, Urban Pride, LGBT Youth and more.

A separate, but equally engaged, Interfaith Committee has also begun to meet around how diversity of faith can be represented and served at Pride.

San Diego LGBT Pride’s first Black executive director, Dwayne Crenshaw, reflected on this year’s entertainment.

"It is so amazing to know that we have great and diverse talent coming to Pride this year from R&B and hip-hop sensation Kelly Rowland to Latin headliner Frankie Negron," he said.

This year Pride’s diverse entertainment zone will include The AT&T Main Stage, Hip-Hip Reloaded, Viva La Fiesta, Bud Light Garden Dance Party, Eden Hi NRG Dance Tent and a Country Dance Tent.

Also, the first contingent in the parade this year, after the trumpeting call of the motorcycles, will be in honor this continent’s first inhabitants, the Native American community. The Nations of the 4 Directions will be leading the parade at this year’s America’s Pride celebration.

San Diego Pride will be held July 20-22. For more information, click HERE.