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ACTION ALERT: Hillcrest Pride Flag project to be reviewed by City Council on May 15

SAN DIEGO -- The fate of the proposed Hillcrest Pride Flag project will be decided upon by the San Diego City Council at its 2:30 pm meeting on Tuesday, May 15.

Community members are being encouraged by project organizers to express their support of the proposal to the council via email, by attending the meeting, or both.

While the flag has received widespread support from community groups, including the Hillcrest Town Council and the Uptown Planners, members of the San Diego Planning Commission voted to not support the project, which has created a number of questions that are being addressed by organizers.

The Hillcrest Business Association and other community leaders and business owners have taken the lead on the project, applying for the development permit, fundraising and creating the construction plans for the flag pole. The proposal includes installing a 65-foot flagpole in the median on Normal Street where it intersects with University Avenue.

Plans call for the pole to fly an 18 x 12 foot rainbow flag year-round because it is known as a symbol of diversity and has been widely accepted by the LGBT community.

Community members are being asked to use their social media accounts to encourage others to attend the City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 15, to show support for the project. Attendees may choose to speak to the council, or simply fill out a slip to register support for the item.

The Hillcrest Pride Flag project has a Facebook page which can be shared.

In advance of the meeting, community members are also being encouraged to write letters indicating their support of the project, which can be sent to all eight city council members via email.

The City of San Diego's Human Relations Commission has supported the project, and that group's letter is HERE, and can be used as a template.

City Council members can be reached at the following email addresses:

District 1, Sherry Lightner: sherrilightner@sandiego.gov

District 2, Kevin Faulconer: kevinfaulconer@sandiego.gov

District 3, Todd Gloria: toddgloria@sandiego.gov

District 4, Council President Tony Young: anthonyyoung@sandiego.gov

District 5, Carl DeMaio: carldemaio@sandiego.gov

District 6, Lori Zapf: loriezapf@sandiego.gov

District 7, Marti Emerald: martiemerald@sandiego.gov

District 8, David Alvarez: davidalvarez@sandiego.gov

The meeting will be held at San Diego City Hall, Council Chambers, located at 202 C St., 12th floor.

For more information, click HERE.