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Urban Corps to plant 500 trees before summer

SAN DIEGO -- Urban Corps of San Diego County is committed to planting 500 street trees by the end of June in an effort to beat the heat of summer and revitalize interest in supporting the local urban forestry movement.

"Trees are one of the City's most important resources, yet we are risk of losing funding for tree planting here in San Diego," said Sam Lopez, Urban Corps director of operations.

"We have existing funding for 500 trees but they must be planted by the summer. We need San Diego's help to find planting locations, and to let their local elected officials know how valuable trees are to the community so that urban forestry efforts don't fall by the wayside."

According to Lopez, Urban Corps is seeking public rights-of-way in need of street trees, and ideally those that can accommodate a minimum of 25 trees along one or two adjoining streets. Urban Corps plans to give priority to areas most in need of trees and in which children play - surrounding schools, libraries, parks, or multifamily residential areas. Urban Corps will expedite the site analysis and permit process, provide guidance in tree selection, and plant the trees before the start of the summer.

Urban Corps members are currently canvassing within a 1-mile radius of a handful of San Diego elementary schools to find planting locations. In addition, the organization has partnered with the Cesar Chavez Service Clubs - an organization of student clubs that offer service and leadership opportunities which embody the values of Cesar Chavez - to scout for locations near schools.

If you would like to nominate a planting location, please complete the No-Fee Street Tree City Permit Request and Watering Agreement found HERE and return to Ty Sterns at tsterns@urbancorps.org.

For more information, or to get involved promoting this effort in your community, please contact Ty Sterns at 619-235-6884, ext 3312.