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Butch on Tap: Tapping in

(Editor's Note: SDGLN is pleased to welcome our newest contributor, "Butch Jaxon." Butch recently started a blog about beer, but her writing quickly took a sharp turn and it became more about what it is like to experience the world as a butch lesbian. Her insight and honesty when describing situations -- that many of us may take for granted -- was refreshing. For now, she will write using a pseudonym. We hope you enjoy her experiences.)

When SDGLN asked me if they could repost my blog, I was delighted.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am a butch. My blog is about what I think, how I think. Sometimes, I think differently. Sometimes, not.

If you are familiar with the term butch, fantastic! Perhaps we are kindred spirits. If you do not know what butch means, fear not -- you have also come to the right place. Here you can learn and explore.

For starters, I can tell you that “butch” means a lesbian who is big, strong, tough, more macho, and less girly. More beer, less umbrellas. More of a “gentleman” than a “lady.” (I never sit with my knees closed!)

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules –- which is an ongoing theme in my blog (and often, in the comments) -- but those are the basics.

Lots of lesbians do not fit neatly into any category like butch or femme, but instead are somewhere along the broad spectrum in between. But, then there are us butches.

A butch will most likely not wear makeup. A butch is often referred to as “sir” by someone who is not paying attention. A butch can rock a bow tie. A butch will hold the door open for you, and her gay male friends. You get the idea.

I will talk about things from a butch perspective, but I have not always been butch. It took me some time to find my “butchness” and longer to embrace it. As I have come out to myself and my family as a butch, I have learned that there are some interesting differences for a butch. So, that is what I blog about.

But this blog is not just for butches. We all love our femmes. Please do not let me offend femmes, mine in particular! We also love our lesbians, dykes, and gay women (although I don’t get that label), gay brothers, and straight friends.

Each of you will find something of yourself reflected here if you look hard enough. As different as we are, the more I write, the more I learn how similar we all are. (cue Kumbaya music)

What else? I am, after all, not just a butch who blogs.

I am engaged to the love of my life, and I am the happy mother of two kids. I am also a lover of, in no particular order, beer, bow ties, breasts, movies, hiking, bookstores, travel, dogs, geocaching, polar bears, the gym, music, high-tech gadgets, and more.

By day, I am an intrepid corporate entertainment lawyer - although I try hard not to be labeled as such – sporting a bleached blonde mohawk, for example. Think more entertainment and less corporate. By night, bring it all on!

If you like what you read here, I hope you will comment and let me know what you think. If you don’t like what you read, well, what the hell do I care? Start your own blog.

Be butch.

ButchOnTap is written by "Butch Jaxon," who has been a lesbian her whole life, but is a fledgling writer. Butch was raised and lives in San Diego and she is an accomplished lawyer. She loves to write, play any kind of sport or game, consume any kind of entertainment, and is frequently found drinking lattes in a bookstore or discovering new beers at local micro-breweries. You can get additional drafts of Butch at her blog, ButchonTap.com. You can visit also visit and like Butch on Facebook. To tell Butch what you think, email her at butchontap@gmail.com or comment below.