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Dinah Blog wrap-up: Sunday pool funday and closing events

PALM SPRINGS -- So far we've shown you the comedy, the kick-off with a Pussy Cat Doll, the star-studded red carpets, the revelers all decked out in white, and celesbians dodging balls thrown by their fans.

We also shared San Diego women enjoying the desert sun, Saturday pool partiers and the legendary Chaka Khan.

As our tour of The Dinah 2012 comes to a close, we share with you the amazing Sunday Pool Party and Tea Dance, presented by SheWired.com and the official Sunday Closing Dance Party at Zelda's Nightclub, sponsored by GO! Magazine.

Sunday Pool Party and Tea Dance

Photographer Connie Kurtew and I spent a great part of the day experiencing the Sunday pool party, taking in all the sights, and now it is time to share them all with you.

The weather was fantastic, the views of the San Jacinto Mountains majestic, the crowd was overflowing and the entertainment was stellar.

The gals from The Real L Word stopped by the Riviera Resort and Spa for a meet and greet between buildings 1 and 2.

Another highlight of the day was when the Club Skirts dancers gave the standing-room only crowd a treat; a dance set choreographed especially for The Dinah 2012 attendees.

Even founder Mariah Hanson was spotted enjoying the special go-go show.

As usual, Connie caught lots of candid, posed and intimate moments -- of both the beautiful and those lovely queens of quirk -- with her lens. She's got a great eye for that stuff.

Late in the slideshow you will see DJ Susan Levine and her posse from New York City sporting some cool tees.

Check out all the fun at the Sunday pool party, below:

Official Closing Dance Party

The weekend was closed out in style at Zelda's Nightclub and the staff was off the hook. Special shout out to Zelda's front bartender Troy for paying such great attention to all the ladies and serving every drink with that beautiful smile. He was such a gentleman.

CeCe Peniston rocked the house and the Club Skirts dancers took us through the rest of the evening. It was tough to say "good night."

Check out the final slideshow from Zelda's on Sunday, April 1, 2012:

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All photos and slideshows copyrighted Kurtew Photography. If you would like to get individual photos or see more photos that might have been taken, email connie@kurtewphotography.com.