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The Dinah Blog wrap-up: The Saturday pool party sizzles

PALM SPRINGS -- The Dinah Wrap continues its journey, thanks for staying with us.

Saturday, March 31, was a big day at the Riviera Resort and Spa pool. Doors opened at 9 am and the event was sponsored by MTV/Logo and AfterEllen.

Saturday's pool party is always a bastion of entertainment in so many ways. We spent some time wandering around the Riviera ground and the pool area, still on the look-out for more androgynous types for our pal Victory Tischler-Blue, as well as the perfect photo opportunities to share with our readers.

As photographer Connie Kurtew made her way through the crowd, she was able to catch some amazingly candid and intimate shots, along with others that were staged and or posed. I think you will love them all.

The Riviera's new pool design has incorporated sand areas at various locations along the edge of the pool … yes … sand … which is probably fun for the kiddos when you don't have upwards of 20,000 women stomping and spilling and carousing all through them. They also handed out neon yellow and green towels to guests and those made for some interesting photo props, as well, as you will see.

I mentioned before that Susan the blow up doll was getting more action than many of the weekend's other attendees and you will see more of "her" in the pool party photos from both Saturday and Sunday, so keep an eye out! In fact if you look real close above left (click on photo to enlarge), you might spy her!

Make sure you give the slideshow below your full attention, you just might see yourself in there.

The DJ's, including renown DJ Lisa Pittman, had the tunes spinning and the Club Skirts dancers kept the attention of onlookers, as the windy day kept the majority of the women from venturing into the pool at risk of a chill. Most instead decided just to dance and socialize wherever they found room.

Later in the day, two up-and-coming performers, both part of The Dinah's "emerging artists showcase," Meital and Porcelain Black hit the stage near the Riviera Pool to a sea of women -- all enjoying themselves, the music, the views, the wonderful weather and all the girl-watching.

Club Skirts founder Mariah Hanson has an amazing talent for scouting and booking artists who are on the brink of super stardom and bringing them to The Dinah. If you don't believe it, just consider the fact that she's had both Katie Perry and Lady Gaga (among others) perform in recent years, just months before each blasted into international fame.

So take a gander at the Saturday pool party … don't forget you can make these go full screen if you wish, and there is no sound.

For more slideshows from the rest of The Dinah 2012 Palm Springs weekend, click on the related story links, above right.

All photos and slideshows copyrighted Kurtew Photography. If you would like to get individual photos or see more photos that might have been taken, email connie@kurtewphotography.com.