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The Dinah Wrap: Celebs dodge a few balls and San Diegans hit the desert | VIDEOS

PALM SPRINGS -- As we continue our journey through a wrap-up of the Dinah weekend in Palm Springs March 29 -- April 1, 2012, here are a couple of short and fun slide shows for everyone.

The first one contains photos of the many San Diego women we came across during our time in the desert. If you are from San Diego and don't see yourself here, it just means we either missed it or don't know you! We thought it would be fun to serve up a special slideshow with some familiar faces.

Dani Targas, popular bartender from Club Bombay/Six Degrees fame, no longer lives in San Diego but was at The Dinah dishing it with her San Diego friends, so we thought we'd include her, as well.

Next slideshow up is from the Celebrity Dodge Ball game at the Riviera Resort and Spa.

Other than the pool party which opened at 9 a.m., this was the first organized event on Saturday and was the third year of the lively event, held between Riviera's buildings 3 and 4 away from the pool area.

The game definitely brought the competitive tomboy out of every cable and/or web series star, and any other celesbian on the premises who happened to turn out.

The great thing about this event is that any Dinah attendee can play against and mingle with all the celebsians on site and everyone just goes all out in the name of fun.

Connie Kurtew got some amazing action shots and even got smacked in the camera when she forgot to dodge the ball! Wish we had an image of that.

Mariah really throws herself into this game as you will see, and it paid off. Her team, headed up by Fortune Feimster, apparently reigned supreme in both games in the end. Hmmm ... do you think it was rigged? No way, those celesbians really knew how to wing and dodge that ball! A wonderful time was had by all.

We got some great shots displaying Mariah's competitive edge (see a sample at left!), so be sure to check them all out! It's fun to study the crowd and see who you recognize in each frame, too.

The women of San Diego descend upon The Dinah 2012:

Third Annual Celebrity Dodge Ball game at Riviera Resort and Spa (Saturday, March 31):

All photos and slideshows copyrighted Kurtew Photography. If you would like to get individual photos or see more photos that might have been taken, email connie@kurtewphotography.com.