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The Dinah Blog wrap-up: An unforgettable Friday night

PALM SPRINGS -- We continue on with The Dinah 2012 Wrap, with Friday night, March 30, 2012 laid out in front of us.

Pool-goers beat-feet pretty early Friday afternoon, to get ready for the big evening ahead (see photo at left). And what a night it was! After a relaxing day of mass check-ins and lounging around the pool, the evening started out with something completely different for Dinah veterans.

Meredith Baxter -- everyone's favorite sitcom mom from the '80s television show "Family Ties" -- spent well over an hour sharing her life story with approximately 100 women. Using an easy-going Q & A format, the event was moderated by her good friend, comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer. The two ladies have been close for years and most recently worked together on the popular web series, We Have to Stop Now.

Fans got to take turns asking Meredith questions and the forum offered them an up-close-and-personal account of the challenges and triumphs Meredith has experienced. Afterwards she made herself available for photos during a meet and greet. A lovely time and I hope these types of events continue.

Most San Diegans remember that Meredith was our Grand Marshall last year for the Pride Parade. Don't forget to check out Meredith's memoir Untied.

Immediately following the Q&A, it was time for the big dance party of the night, The White Party next door at the Riviera's Grand Ballroom.

Some women couldn't wait to get into the decked out room once the doors opened at 9 pm and they continued to trickle in until a good crowd was on hand. I love people watching at these events and seeing the clever outfits inspired by the evening. Beautiful DJ Amara kept the crowd happy and busy on the floor with her set.

One thing I noticed was a change up with the go-go dancers this year. I expect many will be happy to hear that your Dinah dancers are now a great combination of sultry go-go girls and dapper go-go bois. My longtime friend Cindy Kuder was initially confused about this, but I was able to help her make sense of it rather quickly.

My photo side-kick for the weekend Connie Kurtew got some great photos of the dancers all weekend long, so keep an eye out for them mixed in with many of the slide shows, because the Dinah dancers were everywhere.

Half-way through the White Party it was time for the first Red Carpet, held right outside the Grand Ballroom doors. Our ardent people watching and being on the look-out for androgynous types caused us to be a few minutes tardy for the event, but Connie was able to cozy right up to the end of the line and get some amazing shots.

Fortune Feimster was there, many of the gals from The Real L Word were there, Sirius OutQ radio host Frank DeCaro, his on air sidekick Doria Biddle and producer Mister Greg were there. Frank was in San Diego just a couple months ago touting his new Dead Celebrity Cookbook.

Next up the gorgeous Nicole Pacent who some not surprisingly call the next Angelina made her way down the carpet, followed by thee lovely but wicked-for-pay Rose Garcia was stunning on the walk, and gave Connie and her camera lots of one-on-one love. Romi and Kelsey were also quite generous, but Romi definitely loves the camera much more. Whitney was not seen on the carpet, but Connie and I got to chat with her later in the evening in the Riviera lobby. Don't forget the Real L Word is back, starting June 5th, on Showtime.

Once the carpet was vacated, it was time for more White Party and we returned to find a packed house. DJ Sysco had been keeping everyone entertained until the headliners came on. I have to say the light shows during this event were stunning and Connie was able to capture some great effects on camera.

Unfortunately the crowd was so tight at this point in the evening, Connie wasn't able to make her way to the front for some close-ups of the first headliner, adorable rap musical twins Nicole and Natalie, who call themselves Nina Sky, but she still got some amazing shots, including some great audience participation. These gals had that crowd bumping and you can see it in the photos!

I admit I could not hang until 1 a.m. to see Wynter Gordon, so we are missing those photos, but we heard she was hot hot hot.

Check out the following slide show that offers you a bird's eye view of Meredith Baxter's Q&A, The White Party, the Red Carpet, and the performance by Nina Sky. As is the case throughout the weekend, we got some great candid shots, a lot of hot couples, and definitely a few "queens of quirk" in the mix.

All photos and slideshows copyrighted Kurtew Photography. If you would like to get individual photos or see more photos that might have been taken, email connie@kurtewphotography.com.