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Telling my 10-year-old that I am gay

Readers of my blog now know that I came out last year. I told pretty much all the key players in my life that I'm gay, one person at a time. It was freakin' exhausting to have The Conversation so many times, but it was good. Everyone in my life was amazing and supportive and worthy of their own Humanitarian award, no kidding.

One of the last people I came out to was my 10-year-old daughter, about nine months into the process. Strange that the final person to hear the news was one of the people who needed to know the most.

I was incredibly nervous leading up to the big conversation with her. I had no idea how to script it. But, every single instinct I had told me that it was important to have this talk with her earlier, not later, if I wanted to protect my relationship with her. Not everyone agreed with me about this -- some people I talked to thought I should wait until she was older, the idea being that she'd be more mature, and better able to "handle" it. But I knew that no matter how hard it might be now, it was going to be harder later on. For one thing, I was already fighting a social context. When kids at her school want to insult each other on the playground, they call each other Gay. Don't kid yourself -- no matter how much we may think we're preaching openness and acceptance to our kids, that's still one of the biggest insults 5th graders lob at each other.

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