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TONIGHT: Hillcrest Town Council to discuss homelessness

SAN DIEGO -- The Hillcrest Town Council (HTC) will host a discussion on homelessness in the area at its meeting tonight, starting at 6:30 pm.

The group's Homelessness Task Force will give a presentation on local efforts to improve this community issue. Many residents and visitors to the area have noticed what seems to be an increase in the homeless population in Hillcrest.

Preliminary results from the January 2012 "WeALLCount" campaign, sponsored by the Regional Task Force on the Homeless, show that there are more than 9,800 homeless people residing in San Diego County.

Of those people, 5,300 are unsheltered, a 6.4% increase since the 2011 count.

Other meeting topics include:

-- A presentation from Erika Lindstrom regarding a a walking tour of Hillcrest's Cypress Canyon, which will take place on Saturday, April 14

-- An update on happenings at the Uptown Parking Advisory Board

-- Urban Corps' offer to plant 500 trees in Hillcrest

-- UCSD Medical Center's study options to improve traffic flow to and from the hospital.

The meeting will also include updates from representatives of local elected officials, and a time for community members to speak during the "public comment" session.

HTC has met monthly since its founding in 2007 to provide a voice and enhance the quality of life for Hillcrest residents, renters and homeowners, while supporting actions that benefit the neighborhood. All who live in or near Hillcrest, whether a property owner or renter, are encouraged to attend and participate.

The meeting will take place at the Joyce Beers Community Center, located within the Uptown District Shopping Center, off of Vermont Street.

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