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Anthony Gioffre has a lot to say - he just wants to find the right venue to say it in! The 53-year-old video producer loves using his business, Golden Lodestar productions, to tell the stories of the LGBT community.

Hailing from New York, New York, Anthony has brought a bit of East Coast flair to San Diego for the last twelve years ... and regularly enjoys eating at Hillcrest's City Deli. He is happily married to his partner, Gary Rader.

What organization(s) do you volunteer for, and why?

The San Diego LGBT Community Center: I volunteer here at the front desk on Friday nights because I have working experience and training with a wide spectrum of people in crisis.

Family Matters: I volunteer here because Family Matters does so much for the families and children in our community.

The Center's Community Food Bank Distribution: I help by sweeping cigarette butts out of The Center's parking lot on the first Tuesday of the month.

MyLifeMyPower: I serve on the advisory board for this organization, and also help with red carpet events throughout Southern California. This organization was founded by Daniel Puder to focus on the prevention of bullying and violence.

And of course, my video journalism reports on topics ranging from DADT, bullying, 30 years of AIDS, medical marijuana, and Pride celebrations in Southern California.

My most notable recent work was an interview with Mayor John Duran of West Hollywood. I do the video work all for community service and education, and 100 percent at my expense.

What motivates you to do the volunteer work you do?

The pain that I feel in myself and see in others, in matters of abandonment, homelessness, and rejection.

I think if you just bring your true self, good or bad, the teachers and students show up on cue. I will admit that oftentimes I am not strong enough to stand in it, but I do anyway, out of sheer refusal to give up and the will to get up after a fall. I feel for others in this way. I also take a lot from the community and need to keep the ratio of giving and taking in balance.

Do you volunteer because of your work, or not? And what do you do for a career?

I am retired and assist my husband in a small but rather effective video production company, GoldenLodestar Productions.

Together, we lend our craft to numerous non-profit causes, separate and aside from my personal commitments, such as the local PFLAG documentary “Mi Familia,” which is now in talks for a part two. The film was distributed universally for the healing of Latino Families in matters of gender issues.

We also were a sponsor of CityFest 2008, CESCaL, the Family Matters tent, and countless hours of editing video for The Center's annual Gala, Harvey Milk Breakfast, and pro bono work for numerous other non-profits in San Diego.

What is something that many people do not know about you?

I am much more "closed-mouthed" than I appear. I usually tell people what I want them to hear and am actually extremely private, except with a select few. I struggle with many survival issues and it takes up most of my time, managing it all.

Contrary to what I think and how I feel, I show up anyway. I often do not have my guard up, and I think it makes me appear less intelligent than I am. I am way smarter than I want to be.

Llastly, I am Kabbalist - I study Kabbalah.

What would you like to see change in the LGBT community?

The leadership. Clearly. I think it’s time. I also think we need to teach a generation what happened and why things are the way they are now. History. I think we need to make it delicious with many rewards.

I have some ideas. I would love the opportunity to teach again.

What do you like most about the local LGBT community?

I’m at home and feel connected. My work is more popular in LA; however, San Diego is home.

I am committed here and wish to report here more often, if I could get published. I would love to do a joint venture reporting with Palm Springs, LA and here, in the future, with another star reporter.

My stories are for the LGBT audience. I feel my participation is unique and have made many friends throughout the years that I would not compromise in any way. I like that it’s a little crazy here and anything goes. If I’m not participating in it, I like to be around it. I don’t have to worry about being so damn perfect, like if I lived in Philadelphia, or something like that.

This is San Diego and I think we should all act like it.

What sorts of things do you do to enrich your social life other than volunteering?

It seems I’m always working or working on it. I enjoy most of my time with my husband, Gary Rader, and our three rescue dogs.

I love to go out to eat all the time and do so often with friends. I find this to be stimulating and a lot of fun. I also act in the theatre locally and last did so in 2010. I do a show every couple of years and am due for a script. I have appeared at 6th@Penn, Diversionary, Chronos, etc.

I am in the process of writing my memoirs, nothing held back. Nothing.

The working titile is “The Remains of Anthony Gioffre.” One man show to follow. You know me … I’ll pay for it myself!

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Anthony's interview with Mayor John Duran of West Hollywood

Anthony's video of Daniel Joseph Baker performing at the 2012 CESCal Conference in San Diego