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Maxwell's Billet-Doux: Gonna dress you up in my love!

Billet-Doux: n. (bĭl'ā dōō, or "billa doo") A love letter. (literally "sweet letter" in French)

Love can be so many things. It can be the love you have for your partner. It can be the love that you have for music or a favorite animal.

It can even be the passion that you have for being social and stylish.

My Billet Doux is a mix of it all and I'm laying it out here for everyone to read. Hold on, let me put my heels on (if you think a man can't wear six inch pumps, think again).

It all started in 2007 for a young, gay, Dustin Maxwell.

At the ripe age of 18, I began to work at Moxie Salon in Ramona, California. It was there in that small rural town I learned the techniques that would help me make people even more beautiful on the exterior than they already were.

Even the most simple of service, such as a shampoo or a blow dry, can make a person change the way they feel. When you're confident, it feels like nothing can stop you.

Fresh on the so called "scene," I began to experience everything a young man should. The ups, the downs, and a lot of drama in between. These situations have molded me into the man I have become. They are the "Aha!" moments I will be sharing with all of you.

I have a background in hair styling, fashion merchandising and have studied the performing arts since I was a child, appearing in my first play at the age of five.

Let’s just say "showing face" is something I’m considerably good at.

Would you like to know how to look just a few pounds thinner in color?

This season’s top ten fashion finds?

How to dress to impress, for less?

Are you afraid to wear that outfit in public?

Pushing the limits is my expertise.

I became interested in fashion when I realized I didn't have to look like every other male out there on the street. I didn't have to wear baggy jeans and a ball cap to fit in. The best thing about fashion is you don't have to fit in to look amazing, or to feel it. Over the years, I have worn all white, the shortest of shorts, the lowest cut tops and low back lines. I've even dared to wear a stiletto in public (more than once).

Let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of fashion fails as well as some great moments.

Would you like to learn some tricks to a good night kiss?

How to keep them coming back for more?

Where to take them?

What and what not to talk about?

Dating is a field in which I’m very familiar.

Some of you may have heard the rumors. Yes, I've dated a lot, but meeting a lot of people is important to find one's likes and dislikes. When it comes to relationships, quality is much more important than quantity. However, I’ve been through it all, with emotionless, non-communicative, pushy men and even some women. I’ve also met some amazing men and women; passionate, fun, intelligent and lively.

Let's just say I have seen the block from many different angles.

That being said, I'd like to share with all of gay San Diego how to feel comfortable in your own body. I'd like to express what's worked for me and maybe give you some advice on what might work for you.

My mission is to give a piece of myself back to the community that helped me become the silver-tongued fox that I am today.

So fasten your pumps and get ready for the truth. I am holding nothing back.

Take it from me, XOXO


San Diego native Dustin Maxwell grew up all over America's Finest City. After graduating from Ramona High School and attending Palomar College, and after a two year apprenticeship, became a certified hair stylist. For the last ten years, he has also performed his way around town, in companies such as San Diego Gay Men's Chorus, the Starlight Theatre and a plethora of other local community theaters. Maxwell is also co-founder of an all male burlesque troupe, called The Boylesque Tomcats. In his free time, he works closely with local fashion designers putting together extravagant runway shows and large social events. He currently manages a popular local eatery in the heart of downtown, as well as two specialty boutiques in the area. With his flare for performing and fashion, you are sure to see him out and about making San Diego a little more vibrant and exciting. Dusty can be reached at MAXWELLSBILLETDOUX@aol.com

Photos top middle: Dustin (center) as "Justyn Tyme" and his Boylesque Tomcats; bottom: (on top of piano) in the show, "The Wild Party" at Coronado Playhouse with Judson Harmon.