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It's The Dinah 2012 Blog -- Day Two

Today is Saturday and it is a hot and blustery day here in Palm Springs. No matter, the ladies who have converged here will enjoy themselves, regardless. But let's talk about last night, shall we?

If you read along yesterday, you know Azul kept us hostage for a great part of the afternoon. I ran into Fortune Feimster there, who along with two friends were taking advantage of Azul's fun wooden swing tables. I asked her to stop following me!

Back at the Riviera we began our hunt for the "androgynous look" for our friend Victory Tischler-Blue, I ran smack dab into a set of twins I know from San Diego at the Riviera's Sidebar who definitely fit the bill and were happy to pose for consideration.

By this time the Friday pool party at The Riviera had died down a bit as revelers scurried back to their rooms to prepare for the big night on the property, the White Party.

The pool area looked like a bone yard; with lime green towels sprawled out as far as the eye could see. We dipped into a friend's room at the Riviera and again were just amazed at what was done with the remodel.

Connie and I then grabbed dinner at Tropicale, one of my favorite places for a meal in the valley.

Women must not know much about Tropicale, however, because both the restaurant and the lush outside patio were overflowing with groups of men and male couples. Google it, ladies, because I highly recommend it!

Staying on the opposite end of town has major disadvantages but we are doing our best managing our time.

I was happy to hear a few months ago that the producers had decided to do something a little different this year, when they invited Meredith Baxter to spend an intimate hour with fans. Suzanne Westenhoefer was the host and moderator of the chat, which went well over an hour and offered attendees an up close and personal look at the challenges and triumphs Meredith has experienced.

Afterward she did a meet and greet. Lovely time and I hope that they continue to do things like this.

The White Party started at 9 pm and watching what clever outfits everyone comes up with is one of my favorite things to do. Two DJs rocked the house as go-go dancers did their thing on the four boxes … something different I noticed this year was the addition of a "Boi" go-go dancer (see photo). My longtime friend Cindy Kuder was confused about this, but I was able to help her make sense of it rather quickly.

Can I also mention that I have not seen so many "little white dresses" ever before in my life? Oy.

I must say, there have been a LOT more men sightings (and many of whom appear to be straight guys) at this year's festivities, both at the White Party and at the pool. I approached four gay men at the White Party and said, "Sorry guys, wrong weekend, YOUR White Party is NEXT weekend." They laughed. I'm not sure they got it.

Was intrigued to see a woman at the White Party in her full dress white (cracker jacks) uniform. She was an HM1. Cindy Kuder and I dished for several minutes about whether we thought the outfit was from her neighborhood resale store or just didn't fit her as well as it used to and she wanted to feel empowered this first post-DADT Dinah weekend. Guess we will never know, when I had Connie photograph her, it was clear she'd been enjoying herself too much to ask.

Our people and androgyny watching at the White Party made us a few minutes late for the Red Carpet event, which was filled with the celebrities of the weekend. Connie was able to cozy up to the right end of the carpet walk and get some great shots which will be included in my Dinah Wrap slide show next week. The lovely but wicked Rose Garcia was stunning on the walk, and gave Connie and her camera some one-on-one love (see photo above).

Morgan Hildebrand of CherryGrrl was getting most of the face time, throwing her wacky personality, hair and microphone out there.

The rest of the White Party was filled with dancing, light shows and the amazing twin combination, Nina Sky, a duo that kept the crowd bouncing, throwing their hands in the air and chanting on que.

This old lady could not stay up long enough to catch Wynter Gordon, but as we sat relaxing and chatting with new friends in the Riviera lobby hallway, there was plenty of people arriving late to catch the show. Let me just also say, there was some great people watching in that main hallway.

At one point, Sirius OutQ talk show host Frank DeCaro tweeted: Who is that talking to Oliver Stone at #TheDinah White Party? Oh, yes, it's @DoriaBiddle. My response was: The real question is why is Oliver Stone AT #TheDinah. Curious, indeed. Maybe he is drumming up a scandalous lesbian movie???

Connie and I ended the night with the amazing Shannon Wentworth, co-founder and CEO of Sweet and her lovely wife, Anne Martin Evans. The four of us shared a car ride in lieu of a cab back to our respective hotels. I'm going to be doing an extensive interview with Shannon and her extraordinary talents in April, so stay tuned.

Fast forward to Saturday. The noise on our end of town crashed into our room earlier than expected, but after Connie braved the desert heat for her two mile run (as I showered and got ready) we set out to find food. A quick strategy meeting and lovely breakfast was had at Cafe Europa (we finally bailed on the long wait at another nearby eatery and were glad we did).

Our parking karma from the last couple days had finally worn out, so as we made our way towards the Riviera from a neighborhood side street, we could hear the pool party music reverberating through the neighborhood. Good thing this event makes the city a lot of money!

Find out more tomorrow … I've gotta squeeze myself through a whole lotta women today.

All photos by Connie Kurtew. Top, left: the White Party in full sail; a group of happy Dinah-goers; Suzanne Westenhoefer and Meredith Baxter / a go-go Boi.