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VIDEO: God-Des and She bring their unique blend of hip-hop and soul to Anthology Sunday

SAN DIEGO -- Be prepared for a duo like you have never seen when God-Des and She grace the stage at Anthology this Sunday, April 1, 2012.

Committed to social justice, this dynamic indie duo has a unique blend of Hip-Hop and soul that is sure to enchant even the most skeptical of fans. God-Des' catchy, on spot rapping is rhythmically wrapped in the velvet of She's sultry voice and boy can she belt out a tune, too.

Think a white, old school Queen Latifa meets Candye Kane.

Earlier this week, San Diego Gay & Lesbian News got the chance to do a three-way with these ladies (over the phone) and catch up. It was like talking to a tandem bicycle going downhill at top speed.

Cars, planes and motorboats

The two met in Madison, Wisconsin while working on separate projects. Two years later, they merged their musical visions, moved to Brooklyn for six years to pursue their dreams and currently live in Austin, Texas as they live the those dreams out.

The progressive, music-centric city in a largely conservative state is perfectly positioned for artists always on the road.

Once they decided to merge, the women worked hard to come up with the two monikers they now embrace as their own, and only a small, inner circle is privvy to their real names. "Maybe if you attend 20 shows we'll tell you [our real names]," She joked.

God-Des was created with a bit of irony and a bit of humor -- a take on the high-falutin names of traditional rappers. It is a combination of "you got dis" and Goddess, with a masculine twist.

She was no easier to come by. It literally took a pitcher of margaritas to search for and find the ultimate, all-encompassing feminine name.

Behind the mask of their stage presence and message, there is quite a bit of feminine mystique surrounding these two women, especially regarding whether or not they are in a relationship (with each other) outside of their committed professional careers. That mystery appears to be part of their act, but the allure it creates is probably more in the mind of their fans minds than their own.

In fact, their allure has encouraged a sexual tension that is heating up the internet, as droves of fans fantasize about both women for different reasons; and those after God-DES don't mince their words.

"God-Des is just my type," one fan wrote on an old MySpace page. "I want to marry God-Des," said another. "God-Des is so f**cking sexy," said yet another.

"We've definitely signed more boobs than Brett Michaels," God-DES said proudly. "And She does her share of motorboating with her fans." Sounds like a theme developing.

The pair had become internet darlings long before their popular stint on the original "L Word," but that exposure launched them even further into the lesbian consciousness. Through that presence they've developed a huge following in Sweden, after a promoter flew them out for a gig that was followed up by appearances at both Swedish and Euro Pride.

"The internet is a blessing for independent bands," they said.

Although they've been a staple at The Dinah in Palm Springs the last three or four years in a row, this year their performance here in San Diego will conflict with the largest women's party in the world.

But there are no regrets.

"It's all about timing," they said. "We don't get to come to the West Coast very often but the fans have been asking for it."

The Anthology gig will be the first show of a three-week West Coast tour, the second stop being in Los Angeles at Fubar, at an event April 4 sponsored by the gals at Thrashed.


The day of the interview God-DES had just finished mixing their latest single "Don't Give Up," which tackles the issue du jour -- bullying -- and will be debuted during this short tour.

The single will be a focal point of their next album, which will bring them back to the socially conscious mindset of their earlier recordings, something their last album was a departure from.

"We're ┼▒ber feminine activists," She explained. "Our first album was 'angry dyky' and our second one, 'Stand-Up' was very much focused on social issues. 'Three' was just happy and fun."

Although they haven't settled on a title for the new album, they're working hard to get it finished before summer.

"We're going to roll with the Universe," they said.

They are also driving a campaign to get the attention of Ellen DeGeneres and have a video to support the effort on YouTube that has already garnered almost 15,000 views.

"I have conversations in my head with Conan O'Brien every day," God-Des mused. "We'd love to be on Ellen. Actually, any exposure we can get would be great."

After this tour wraps, they will be hot on the Pride season circuit, so watch for them touring the country near you. But for now, they hope those who didn't scoot out of town to Palm Springs for the weekend will find themselves down in Little Italy, taking in their unique blend of social consciousness and sex appeal.

They are well aware that many potential fans shy away from their performances because Hip-hop generally gives off misogynist and homophobic tones, but they hope you will open your mind and your ears and give them a listen.

"We are social rappers," God-Des said. "You will feel happy, energized and hopeful when you leave. My friend's mom is 60 and she was so high when she left a recent show and has become a huge fan.

"Our style and our music appeals to people. It brings them joy and it is so cool to be a part of it."

See God-Des and She at Anthology this Sunday, April 1

Anthology is located at 1337 India Street (between Ash and A Streets) in Little Italy. Parking is available on the street or in nearby public parking lots.

The show starts at 9:00 pm with tickets available at $10, $12 and $21 (for a booth).

To buy tickets, call the Box Office at (619) 595=0300 or visit their web site.

To read an outstanding Q & A by Casey Puki for the Anthology blog, click HERE.

Check out this amazing video, "Love You Better" by God-Des and She for the perfect example of their unique style:

To follow God-Des and She on Facebook, click HERE. To find them on Twitter, you can find them here: @Goddesandshe.

You can also visit their web site.