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City of San Diego provides information about new urban agriculture regulations

SAN DIEGO -- Earlier this year, the San Diego City Council amended the municipal code to allow residents of single family homes, community gardens and retail farms to keep and maintain chickens, miniature goats and beehives.

These new regulations related to urban agriculture are now in effect, and the city has released a series of informational sheets providing clarity about keeping chickens, goats, and beehives on residential property.

Councilmember Todd Gloria, who pushed for the new regulations, said the measures are a result of citizen input.

“The measures now in effect are the direct result of community concern," Gloria said. "At a community coffee in 2009, a couple of North Park neighbors told me about the challenges they faced because they wanted to raise a couple chickens for eggs in their small yard. I am incredibly proud that these rules will allow more San Diegans to keep small numbers of animals on their property and strengthen their connection to their food."

The information sheets are available below and online..

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