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DJ PROFILE: Shane Stiel

Since first launching his career over a decade ago, Shane Stiel has become a well-known DJ in clubs throughout the United States and Mexico.

His unique blend of beats keeps dance floors moving, and his tracks can be found on several online streaming applications.

The 31-year old Stiel returns to Rich's this weekend to spin at The Jungle party presented by SDPIX.

Born in Denver, Stiel grew up in San Diego. He is currently single!

Where can people find you working?

Well, anyone can go to my Facebook page to check and see what I will be doing next, but I am a resident DJ at Rich's San Diego and for SOCO Clubs Denver.

There are a lot more gigs in the works in places like Dallas, New York, Orlando, Vancouver, and Guadalajara, just to name a few.

When did you start spinning, and why?

I began spinning in late 1999. Music is so very important to me and I really wanted to find a way to share that love with everyone else.

When I was in the early rave scene, I was fortunate enough to get to watch some big names rock an event. I really enjoyed what they were doing and chose to challenge myself to learn how to spin. My mother bought me two Numark turntables and a Numark mixer for Christmas and that allowed me to practice as much as possible.

Vinyl or CDs? Why?

I started using vinyl and eventually switched over to CD’s. Currently I use CD’s and have slowly been switching over to Serato, which I have been reluctant to do. The reason I have been avoiding the switch is because I believe that using a computer takes away from the energy that comes along with the performance.

Although as gigs pick up and things start happening, it’s economically more efficient to use the computer so I don’t have to lug around my case of CD’s anymore. The new Pioneer 2000’s take a USB, so I bought a hard drive with all my music on it, which I use occasionally, as well.

What type of music do you spin?

When I started spinning, I was really in to Trance and House. I mainly spun progressive and hard Trance. There was a bit of evolving on my part and I finally found my niche. Now I play a fusion of House, Tribal, Disco, Circuit, Trance, and Tech House.

I like to mix it all together to really take people on a journey they will never forget. Anyone can check out my music on Podomatic.com or iTunes and definitely keep an eye out for the HAUS OF STIEL podcast series.

What type of music will you NOT spin?

Although I think it’s a really creative type of music, I will never spin DubStep or Jungle. I honestly just don’t understand what all the hype is about. In my opinion, that type of music is just a bunch of noise and I don’t see any fun in it. I also don’t know how anyone can dance to it as well.

What is the most bizarre song request you have received?

To be honest and to clear the air, I really don’t like taking requests. I live by the saying “I’M THE DJ, NOT A JUKEBOX.” I think when people make requests it cuts into the journey that the DJ is trying to take you on.

As far as the most bizarre request goes, it has to be when people come up to me and ask me to play hip-hop. When they ask that, I think to myself, “Does it really sound like I play hip-hop?” LOL!

What song do people request the most?

For the most part, people are pretty good about not requesting songs. When I play a gay club though, it’s mostly the usual, Britney, Whitney, and Madonna. I don’t play much of that because you can hear that on the radio. I like to bring new music to people because there is so much more great tracks out there for people to listen to.

Do you adjust your music to fit the crowd? How?

I believe that each DJ has their own sound that he or she is recognized for. When a promoter is booking me for an event, then they are booking me because they want me to bring my sound to their event. So I don’t do too much adjusting. I do, however, watch the crowd very well and I will make adjustments based on their reaction to certain tracks.

In order to be a good DJ and to gain more bookings, you have to be sure your crowd is into it, because those are the people that are going to tell other people about you, which in turn will get you the bookings you want.

What is the funniest thing you have seen on the dance floor?

THE CLOGGER!!!! When I was a resident DJ at the world-renowned nightclub, The EndUp in San Francisco, there was this girl that came in every time I spun and clogged to the beat of the music. She always cracked me up because she had her pig-tails going and she would just work that dance floor out. Other than her, there was always something interesting to see at that club. I truly miss spinning there and hope to go back soon.

What is the most scandalous thing you have witnessed while spinning?

Well, I try to pay attention to my spinning and leave the other stuff to the promoters, but there was one incident I will never forget what happened when I finished spinning an event last year. I refuse to name any names involved, but when I got done spinning I was told by one of the dancers, of all people, that I wasn’t going to be getting paid for the gig because they didn’t make enough money on it.

I like to keep everything professional which is why I keep a contract with all promoters. Well, this certain promoter decided that he was going to try and sneak out of the club without me noticing. I noticed, chased him down, and you best believe that I got paid that night!

Which venue or party was your favorite?

As far as my favorite event to spin, that would have to be CLIMAX in Denver. This is an event that is promoted by DJ Tatiana and Silke Reuthlinger of Cafevivid.com. This is a Sunday event on the rooftop of Vinyl nightclub in Denver. This venue is so amazing because the rooftop has an absolutely stunning view of the front range of the Rocky Mountains and downtown Denver. Mix that up with some good ole’ house music and you have a party.

The people in Denver are also so very amazing. In all the cities I’ve been in, I’ve never seen a scene that is so into their electronic music. Being home to the top ranked electronic music download site, Beatport.com, Denver definitely has made a name for itself as one of the top-ranked destinations for DJ’s and producers around the globe.

My favorite club night to spin is obviously LL Bear at Rich's San Diego. I have wanted to get into this event for many years and finally Ryan Bedrosian and DJ Nikno decided to bring me on board. Needless to say, they were more than impressed and asked me to stay on as a resident DJ. I am truly honored and humbled by this and am happy to be a part of an amazing club, both the staff and the historic building itself.

I am also working with the CubClub in San Diego and we take over LL Bear with a night we like to call the HAUS OF STIEL. This night also includes fierce performances by none other than Grace Towers. This is a night of surprises and lots of fun, so keep an eye out for it in the future.

What do you love most about being a DJ?

I think the best part about being a DJ is sharing my music with the world. For those that have seen me spin, you can tell that I more than love my music because I am a dancing fool in the booth. I also love being a DJ because it is a much needed relief from the stresses of my actual day job and school. MUSIC IS THE ANSWER!

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into your profession?

My number one piece of advice for someone just starting out is to learn how to spin on vinyl, first.

I truly believe that this is the best way to get a feel for the vibe that you want to bring and plus it just helps jump up your skill level. If I were a promoter, I would rather book a DJ who has that experience rather than booking one that only learned on a computer and chooses to use that little sync button a bit too much.

With the amount of DJ’s popping up these days, the competition is getting harder and harder. If you are reading this and aspiring to be a DJ, then just work hard, stay dedicated, and always hold your music close to your heart!

What song best describes you and why?

I would say that the song that best describes me is the old and never die classic, “Can’t Get Enough” by Soulsearcher. The reason for this is because I can’t and never will get enough of music, as it truly runs through my blood.

Do you have a web site, and if so, what is the address?

Website: shanestiel.com (currently being revamped and due to release this summer)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/djshanestiel
Twitter: @djshanestiel / #HAUS OF STIEL
Podcasts: iTunes or www.djshanestiel.podomatic.com
Booking Info: djshanestiel@yahoo.com

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