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Queer Queen of Qomedy Fortune Feimster hopes to charm you with her Southern ways

(Editor's Note: This is the second of a three part series on the Queer Queens of Qomedy event to benefit HRC.)

Anyone who is familiar with Fortune Feimster and her comedy would not expect her to be off running around on a soccer field, but that is exactly what she does on a weekly basis.

In fact, one recent evening while chatting with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, she was on her way to take the field with her weekly Los Angeles team, Gays R Us.

"Yeah, I like to act like I'm 12," she said.

Pretty unpretentious for someone whose star has sky-rocketed ever since being selected for a coveted spot as a writer and panelist on E! Online's ├╝ber popular late night variety show, Chelsea Lately.

Fortune come Lately

After graduating at the top of her class at Peace College, Feimster struck out on a year-long European adventure before settling down in Los Angeles in 2003 and finding her comic stride.

While keeping busy writing, her first television appearance there was with the reality show, "Last Comic Standing."

That successful run got her even more attention and she and her stand-up routine became part of the "inside crowd" at all the popular comedy haunts around LA.

Little by little, she broke through and was eventually picked to join the staff of Chelsea's blockbuster late-night show.

"We're a bunch of misfits," she explained.

"There is lots of adolescent humor and we are always pushing the boundaries in our own building."

Not surprisingly, boss-lady Handler herself is one of the biggest instigators, often raising the attention -- and often ire -- of the network's Human Resource department.

When pressed to offer up some juice on exactly how that is accomplished, Feimster would only say, "Just don't ever leave your computer open, she will send something very inappropriate and hit reply all."

Branching out in social media

If Twitter followers are any indication of Feimster's newfound fame, she admittedly went from just over 1,000 followers to well over 60,000 in the last year since joining the show.

Feimster often uses Twitter to test out her "one-liners" and enjoys the feedback she gets, good and bad.

* Yay daylight savings! More sunlight so I can sit on my couch longer and watch TV!

* I just met Idina Menzel. I drooled over her like a gay man watching her sing Barbra Streisand songs.

* I'm going to blame anything that goes wrong on daylight savings time for at least two more weeks.

* I'm pretty sure my neighbor's puss is getting pounded and, no, I'm not talking about her cat getting sent to an animal shelter.

* I got a massage tonight and the massage therapist told me that if I ever want to bring my boyfriend, they do offer couples massage. #noted

* What is it about famous pregnant women that makes them want to be naked on the cover of a magazine?

However, not everyone on the worldwide social tweet machine gets her humor.

The North Carolina native learned this all-to-well recently, when she tweeted what she thought to be a harmless joke about CNN's talk show host, Piers Morgan. She had no idea what a firestorm she would create in doing so.

Her tweet:

I can't understand a lot of @piersmorgan's tweets. I don't speak British.

The response was immediate, and it got even hotter after Morgan chose to retweet her quip to his own two million followers.

"I got hundreds and hundreds of tweets from angry British people," she laughed. "It was obviously a JOKE - that was the whole point."

She tried to keep up with each response individually, at first, but finally gave in and decided to address them all en masse, with this:

Thank u gazillion people who have written saying British is not a language. I'm sure now you'll tell me that gazillion isn't really a number.

"I would never have expected a tweet like that to rile up so many people," she continued. "I got a small taste of what it must be like when you're Chelsea or Piers and getting constant tweets. You feel like it will never end."

She does admit her gig with Chelsea got her tweeting much more regularly.

"It's such a huge part of the show. Our twitter names are shown under our names on the screen, so it's almost a part of my job. Viewers like to see us [the writers of the roundtable] interacting.

"It serves a lot of purposes, but overall it is a lot of fun," she continued. It's nice to have validation. Some people tell me I talk a lot about food. There are so many nice comments, but some that are so awful - even hateful. I don't always give exposure [to them], but sometimes I just have to."

You can check out Fortune's escapades on Twitter HERE.

Return to San Diego

Although her stint on Chelsea Lately (and the more recent After Lately) as an out lesbian comic has expanded her own comedic treatment of pop culture and broadened her audience quite a bit, Feimster has never really told her comedy out of a box.

"My stand up is not just about being a lesbian," she said. "I'm a storyteller. I make fun of my family, growing up in the South and my experiences. It is never geared to any one thing."

She is a physical comic, flailing her arms around to exacerbate her point and she keeps the audience in stitches with her Southern drawl and matter-of-fact delivery.

Her upcoming gig in San Diego won't be her first, as she has performed at a FlawLES Production in the past and liked what she saw in America's Finest City.

"I love going down there," she said. "It's clean, it's by the water, and it's a great way to get out of LA that isn't too far away.

"And the LGBT community [in San Diego] is great. Everyone is super nice and supportive and they all seem to know each other. LA is so spread out. There isn't as much comradery."

With that said, she wanted to make sure that all the single San Diego women know that the only thing she's married to is her job these days, meaning she too is currently single -- and on the market.

After her stint in San Diego she'll be heading up to Palm Springs as emcee of The Dinah. Yep, the emcee of the entire weekend.

"This is a first," she said. "They decided to try one person. I've had a blast every time I've gone, so it is a win-win. I get to work and have fun. Not sure what all will happen, but a lot will be going on."

She's looking forward to working with the Queer Queens headliner, Gina Yashere in San Diego.

"She is huge in the U.K. She's so well known there and they are trying to get her known here. I know people will be blown away and it will be worth every penny.

"Plus we're raising money for HRC. It's always good to give back to the community. We need to support each other."

Queer Queens of Qomedy producer Poppy Champlin couldn't be happier to have Fortune as part of her show for San Diego.

"When I first met Fortune, I was running a show at GirlBar in West Hollywood, called "Comedy and Cocktails" and booking comics once a month," Champlin told San Diego Gay & Lesbian News. "People kept telling me about this new comic Fortune Feimster and how I had to get her.

"Well, I'm no dumby. I listened and I invited her to come do a set. She was great and she brought a butt-load of friends, as well. She always has an entourage. She is a light. A funny light.

"Fortune is definitely blazing her own trail and right now, she is on fire," she said.

Come experience that light that's on fire, with a big dose of her lover-come-lately Southern charm and Handler-influenced humor, right here in San Diego, along with two other cream of the crop lesbian comics of today.

Where to purchase tickets for the March 24 show

The Queer Queens of Qomedy, presented by PoppyCock Productions and sponsored by HRC, will perform at the Birch North Park Theater on Saturday, March 24, 2012, beginning at 8 pm.

"These [QQQ] shows are Class A entertainment," Champlin said. "If you can't get to Olivia or The Dinah to see this level of comedy, these shows are so worth the money."

The Birch is located at 2891 University Ave, in the North Park community of San Diego.

To get tickets, visit the The Birch North Park Theater website or call the Box Office at (619) 239-8836, ext 3.

Ticket prices are as follows:

  • VIP: (50 seats in first few rows -- be ready to be part of her routine!) $35
  • General Admission: $25
  • Discounts are available: for Seniors, Students and Military (active, reserve and retired - must show ID at Will Call) -- $30 for VIP and $20 for GA.

Note: All tickets are subject to a $2.00 "Birch North Park Theater Restoration" fee. If you wish to have them mailed, there is a $1.50 fee.

Tickets are also available at the door.


Champlin has decided to have an exclusive contest for this San Diego show, offering local fans an opportunity to not only gain free admission, but to be a part of her comedic routine.

All you have to do is come up with something funny about San Diego -- whether that is about its culture, its history or its people, or even a recent yarn found in current events -- and send it directly to Champlin at: poppychamplin@att.net

She will respond to everyone who writes her, but if she chooses your input, she will create a comedy routine around it and announce your name on stage at the North Park Theater on March 24th.

You will also get free admission to the Queer Queens of Qomedy that night.

So put those comedic thinking caps on and come up with something funny about San Diego that she can use in her act!

For more information about Fortune, visit her webpage.

You can also follow her on Facebook.

And don't forget to watch her test out her one-liners on Twitter.