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VIDEO: Thomas Wall "Believe in Humanity"

I'd like to start to just ask you to do a really simple thing with me and let's just take a breath. Take a big deep breath in, and just open mouth, exhale, let it go. The breath is one of the simplest best tools I've ever learned in my life to calm the nervous system. And I think we all know it's really helpful to calm our nervous system in this really interesting time in history.

A message from Fernando Lopez of San Diego Pride

San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender News

With so much uncertainty and so many things changing from day to day, I wanted to take this moment to share with you some of the changes and adaptations we’ve made and how we are moving forward. Our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by the mental, emotional, physical, health, and financial damage that has been done by this virus.

Joshua Yeagley is helping San Diego fight COVID-19 one mask at time

Joshua Yeagley is helping San Diego fight COVID-19 one mask at at time

As America and the world try to make sense out of the coronavirus pandemic while following the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) guidelines and staying home, one community member is finding ways to safely aid those on the frontlines.  

FilmOut San Diego postpones LGBTQ film fest

The San Diego FilmOut LGBTQ Film Festival has postponed their event until later in the fall.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak festival organizers have decided it would be best to take preventative action in light of the national epidemic. They aren't canceling the event entirely according to a statement they sent out on Thursday, they are just moving it to later in the year. 

Life With Benny 4.0: Let's reach out to each other

Where do I even begin? We are living through an incredibly unique moment in modern history, and it’s changing the very basic ways that we all live. With the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve all had to stop and think about the ways we do the most basic things - like washing our hands.

SDGLN remembers John McCusker 15 years after his death

Today marks 15 years since the passing of John McCusker, a beloved local business owner and leader in the San Diego LGBT community.

McCusker, who owned both Club Montage and ReBar, was well connected and always lent his support to numerous organizations and causes.

COVID-19 and local community events: What you need to know

COVID-19 and local community events: What you need to know

Amid the recent news that there is currently a ban in place of San Diego public gatherings exceeding 250 people, many wonder what that means for club events and social gatherings happening around Hillcrest. 

Hale Media produces many of those events and publisher Johnathan Hale has put out a statement in regards to what happens next.