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Imperial Court to host Royal Ball

The Imperial Court de San Diego will put on a Prince and Princess Royale Ball tomorrow at The Center.

Blurbs from a Breeder: The 5-minute Bisexual

She’s 90 percent sure that all the guys at this shindig will be tripping over themselves to buy her drinks, but if her sexy get-up doesn’t do the trick, she’s got one more trump card up her sleeve: bisexuality.

My Bible includes an illiterate black Moses

Harriet Tubman, often referred to as the black Moses, taught us that we are free to take flight with our grandest dreams.

Confronting the issues our female soliders face

Women in the military have become a top priority for the California Women's Legislative Caucus because it's clear that our soldiers are facing a new level of stress that has never been experienced before.

Wait, did I just get defriended?

Being connected to someone on Facebook is sort of like confirmation of your acquaintance with each other, even in cases where you don’t “really” know the person. But what happens when a Facebook connection is broken (ie. you are deleted from someone’s Facebook friend list)?

What can women do to better protect themselves against an attack?

The Chelsea King tragedy has raised awareness about the threat of violence to women. Increasing preparedness and defense mechanisms against predatory aggression can help women be ready should the threat of an attack arise.