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BUSINESS PROFILE: Hold It Contemporary Home helps people create the living space of their dreams

SAN DIEGO – Homes are unique spaces. They come in all different shapes and sizes and are inhabited by people with tastes and needs that are just as varied.

Finding the right mix of furnishings is an important part of creating a comfortable, livable, living area and Hold It Contemporary Home is ready to help you create the space of your dreams.

Unlike some larger retailers, Hold It Contemporary Home is upfront about its belief that purchasing home furnishings requires the assistance of a trained professional. Hold It Contemporary Home’s talented team of designers is able to guide customers through the entire process, from envisioning what your space can become, through product delivery.

Owned by parent company Lifestyle Concepts, Inc., Hold It Contemporary Home began as a container and organizational products store.

Then, in 2002, the company transformed into a modern, European-style furnishings retailer, with a focus on helping customers find the best products to fit their needs.

Hold It Contemporary Home is not a chain. The one and only store, located in the Park Valley Center shopping plaza in Mission Valley, sells a variety of modern living products, including furniture, home accessories, lighting, and home office furniture.

Managing partner Mike McAllister affirms their concept is unique, because their product offerings are not just limited to what is seen on the showroom floor of their store.

“We represent a lot of manufacturers,” McAllister said. “Unlike national brands, where you just shop from their products, we have an endless array of products, with resources well beyond our store. We work with a number of different architects and design firms that can help find products tailored to the customer’s interest.”

McAllister noted that when customers come into the store, they will be given individualized service from his design staff, who will help people put the right things into their homes.

And staff members are not just regular furniture salespeople.

Each of their design consultants have training and degrees in furniture design or interior design, which gives them the ability to put the right collection of color, size, and design together for the customer.

“People are often set on what they want, but need help picking it out, so our consultants are happy to help,” McAllister said.

Another unique feature of Hold It Contemporary Home is its free space planning service, available in the store or online.

The store uses software to show customers what the various rooms in their home will look like with various furniture options. Room measurements and dimensions are entered into the program and then people can look at various views of what their space can become.

Those who are looking for eco-friendly products, or are on a fixed budget, may also find what they are looking for at Hold It Contemporary Home.

The store works with several manufacturers who use FSC certified wood, and also has a large selection of products on the floor that are made from reclaimed materials or demolition goods.

While price points at Hold It Contemporary Home are in the mid-to-upper price range, a wide variety of products are available at different price points.

When it comes to price, McAllister said to think of home furnishings as an investment.

“Customers should look to buy things that will last a long time and price often dictates that,” said McAllister.

Whatever you are looking for, McAllister encourages everyone to come by the store and find out what his consultants can do to create that perfect home or home office space.

Hold It Contemporary Home is located at 1570 Camino de la Reina in Mission Valley (directly behind Mission Valley Center), with plenty of free parking in front of the store.

The store is open 10 am to 9 pm Monday-Friday, with slightly shorter hours on Saturday and Sunday.

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