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Pastor Tolton
In an effort to promote equality for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations, the United Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO) is launching  an event titled "Love Beyond Borders: Equality and Acceptance For All."  During the event, the UU-UNO intends to remind the world's most powerful policymakers of the countless LGBT voices around the world who deserve equal protection from multi-faceted oppression.  GLAAD encourages all those committed to promoting acceptance and equality for all to join in the movement and help shape the future of global equality by attending and sharing this event.   Tickets are available for sale now. 

The breaking news as we put the finishing touches on this newsletter is the ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which has ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional.  While news about the Washington marriage bill, the New Jersey marriage proposal, and North Carolina's equal marriage ban are pouring in, many media sources are covering the religious opposition to such measures.  Others, though, offer nuanced approaches to the intersection of faith and LGBT legal movements.  Ross Murray, Director of Religion, Faith, and Values at GLAAD, suggests that media outlets cover more stories of pro-equality religious stances in order to reflect the reality that more and more people of faith are supportive of LGBT rights.  Jay Michaelson, a Religion Dispatches associate editor, argues in his new book God vs. Gay: The Religious Case for Equality that people of faith should not feel the need to view religion and LGBT equality as oppositional. 

Discussion of marriage equality and religion is not popular only in the U.S.  Sadia Kruger and Zukayna Leonard, reportedly the first lesbian couple married under South African marriage equality legislation five years ago, are ready to take the next big step the couple plan to get married by Islamic rites to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. Their story proves that the continuing dialogue surrounding marriage equality in Muslim circles is hopeful.

GOP TX Senate Candidate Tom Leppert Says He Was Doing the Work of Jesus When He Marched in Gay Pride as Mayor
Towleroad, January 31, 2012
Opinion: Joining Baptists in defeating NC Amendment One
Associated Baptist Press, February 3, 2012

Half Truths And Bigotry Abound In Conlon Attack On Equality
LezGetReal, January 30, 2012
"Hell to Burn": My Story Growing Up a Queer Catholic
ENews Park Forest, February 1, 2012
Catholic Diocese Establishes 'Support Group' for Gay People
MNPB, February 2, 2012
College Hosts Valentine's Day Contest; No Lesbians Need Apply [Update: They Caved!]
Jezebel, February 2, 2012
Catholics protest 'blasphemous' play
Charlotte observer, February 2, 2012
New Catholic ministry will help Maine gays who want to change
Kennebec Journal, February 3, 2012
A priest and politics
The Brandeis Hoot, February 3, 2012
RGOD2: The Gospel according to Carey, the overtly homophobic edition
San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, February 3, 2012
Maine Catholic Church Outs 'Ex-Gay' Group As Gay Marriage Heads To Ballot
On Top Magazine, February 3, 2012
What Gay Catholics Have Done: Prayed.
Queering the Church, February 4, 2012
Cardinal Causes Commencement Controversy
St. Norbert Times, February 6, 2012

Gay Christians offended by Gingrich
Bay Area Reporter, January 26, 2012
Opinion: Inside our scary, society-destroying family
In America (CNN Blog), February 1, 2012
Pastor: Boycott Starbucks for supporting gay rights
Seattle PI, February 1, 2012
Guest Column: Students lead the way while conservative Christians play "victim"
Iowa State Daily, February 2, 2012
Pastor calls for nationwide Starbucks boycott over gay marriage
King 5 News, February 2, 2012
Christians Must do More to Prevent Gay Suicides
Believe OutLoud, February 2, 2012
Alan Chambers Begins Damage Control at Exodus After GCN Debacle
Ex-Gay Watch (blog), February 3, 2012
Christian 'Exorcism' Leads to Gay Teen's Suicide
God's Politics (Sojourners Blog), February 3, 2012
Christians, Gays and Academic Freedom (Part II)
Huffington Post, February 6, 2012
Christian? Don't Boycott Starbucks, Thank Them!
Believe Out Loud, February 7, 2012

Bishop Gene Robinson: Full Inclusion Of LGBTs In Religion "Inevitable," Intolerant Denominations "Increasingly Irrelevant"
Queerty, January 31, 2012

One Town's War on Gay Teens
Rolling Stone, February 2, 2012
A Counselor's Convictions Put Her Profession on Trial
New York Times, February 3, 2012
New Film Documents Teen's 'Kidnapping', Rescue from 'Ex-Gay' Evangelical Christian Reform School: VIDEO
Towleroad, February 6, 2012

Religious Institute Doubles the Number of Seminaries Preparing Clergy to Address Sexuality Issues
Religion News service, February 1, 2012

Archbishop of York compares David Cameron to a dictator over his support of gay marriage
Pink News, January 29, 2012
Sentamu's Shot at Gay Marriage Is Only the First Salvo in a Bitter Battle to Come
Huffington Post, January 30, 2012
Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu's remarks in opposition to gay marriage spark backlash
The Periscope Post, January 30, 2012
Senior clergy support Christian counsellor in gay disciplinary case
ChristianToday, January 30, 2012
Christians May Rise Against Legislators, If Gay Rights Bill Is Introduced
Daily Observer, January 31, 2012
Anglican Mainstream and the enemies of Christianity
Andrew Brown's Blog (A Blog from The Guardian), February 2, 2012
Facing deportation to Uganda, Joseph Bukombe is hopeful about the future | VIDEO
San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, February 3, 2012
VIDEO: Ugandan gays live life in the shadows
AFP, February 4, 2012
Church of England failing gay Christian couples, says bishop
The Guardian, February 5, 2012
How Deep Is the Republican Christian Right's Connection to the Anti-Gay Bills Sweeping Sub-Saharan Africa?
AlterNet, February 7, 2012

Jewish Press publishes pro-gay article!
FrumSatire, January 31, 2012
Black, Gay, And Jewish: Confessions Of A Former Pagan-Hippie
Jewcy, February 1, 2012
Reinstated Amsterdam chief rabbi rues using title on 'curing' homosexuality document
JTA, February 2, 2012
Comment: Homosexuality is prohibited in Orthodox Judaism but so is eating bacon, everyone is welcome
Pink News, February 3, 2012
It Gets Better: Benjamin Cohen on being LGBT & Jewish and why 'gay cures' don't work: VIDEO
Youtube, February 3, 2012
Black LGBTQ Stories: Are Black Gay Men Just Special Guests in a White Gay World? (VIDEO)
Huffington Post, February 6, 2012
Rabbis oppose Minnesota marriage amendment
Star Tribune, February 7, 2012
The Fourth Annual Nehirim Women's Retreat
Nehirim, February 7, 2012

Welcomes on Both Coasts
Lutherans concerned (blog), February 2, 2012
St. Peter's Church gets 3-year grant
Times Herald-Record, February 3, 2012

Local Filmmaker Advocates for Gay Marriage Rights
San Rafael Patch, January 30, 2012
Baptist pastor opposes N.C. gay-marriage ban
Associated Baptist Press, January 30, 2012
Archdiocese contributed $650,000 to support gay marriage ban
Sctimes.com, January 31, 2012
Gay marriage vote: Cake makers prep, Starbucks threatened, Hell promised and joy
NPR, February 2, 2012
Catholic Church Is Biggest Funder Of MN Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment
The Uptake, February 1, 2012
Wash. moves closer to legalizing gay marriage
Religion New Service, February 2, 2012
Gay Catholic Leaders Celebrate Washington State Senate Approval of Same-Sex Marriage
Dignity USA, February 2, 2012
Unitarian churches join to fight anti-gay amendment, offer film series
Fay Observer, February 2, 2012
Reform Rabbis Weigh in on Marriage Equality
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, February 3, 2012
Miley Cyrus explains being religious and supporting gay marriage
Hollywood News, February 3, 2012
Christian Pastor Calls For Starbucks Boycott Over Gay Marriage Support
Huffington Post, February 3, 2012
Good "Christian Girl" Miley Cyrus Schools Her Fans About Gay Marriage
The Frisky, February 3, 2012
Local bishop supports same-sex marriage
Seattle PI, February 3, 2012
Bellingham panel to discuss impact of marriage-equality legislation
The Bellingham Herald, February 4, 2012
Episcopals For Marriage Equality In Washington
Towleroad, February 5, 2012
Faith-based tolerance on gay marriage
Los Angeles Times, February 5, 2012
The Relationship Between Faith and Marriage Equality
Huffington Post, February 6, 2012
Maryland Nun: Most Catholics Disagree with Bishops on Gay Marriage
Religion Dispatches, February 6, 2012
Keep religion out of the marriage debate
The Boston Globe, February 7, 2012

Gay imam to wed pair by Islamic rites
IOL, February 1, 2012
Being Queer and Muslim
GNN, February 2, 2012
Straight but narrow
The Economist, February 4, 2012
Towards a dialogue on Muslim same-sex unions
Goatmilk (blog), February 5, 2012

Fact check: Gay rights initiative wouldn't impact religious protection
Alaska Dispatch, January 30, 2012
Illinois Takes Up Anti-Gay Adoption Bill Again
LezGetReal, January 31, 2012
The Spirit vs. the Letter of the Law: Thoughts on the 9th Circuit Ruling Against Release of Prop 8 Tapes
Huffington Post, February 2, 2012
Virginia House to Vote to Allow Faith-Based Discrimination Against Gays Wanting to Adopt
Towleroad, February 3, 2012
A Christian question
Box Turtle Bulletin (blog), February 6, 2012

Lipstick on A Pig: the ECO and Its Plan to Split the PCUSA
There is Power in the Blog (blog), February 3, 2012

'Next Fall' Looks at Gay Relationships from a Fresh Angle
CampKC, February 2, 2012
Bullying Doesn't End In High School For Gay Students Who Attend Christian Colleges
Queerty, February 3, 2012
My Morning Leviticus and Coffee
The Seattle Lesbian, February 4, 2012
God or Gay, No Need to Choose Sides
Religion Dispatches, February 5, 2012
New Staging Of 'Yentl' Tells A Transgender Story
NPR, February 5, 2012

Boston Pride's Human Rights Road Tour parks in Northampton
The Rainbow Times, January 31, 2012
OUTreach Denton hosts  dinner
Dallas Voice, February 2, 2012

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