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Shooting down a myth: "Gays make more money than non-gays"

Mary Menefee took to my Facebook page to express her displeasure with my focus on the income inequality and insecurity faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) American families. She leaned on the two favorite “truths” of those against marriage equality. Marriage is between a man and a woman because the Bible says so and that voters have resisted efforts to change that definition. But Menefee started out her missive with a myth that needs to be busted.

“Gays make more money than non-gays. . .,” Menefee wrote. That’s flat-out false.

We gays only have ourselves to blame for this idea that LGBT are a moneyed tribe. Seemingly through sheer will and fabulosity, we swoop into under-utilized, ignored or forgotten neighborhoods and transform them into swank destinations to live and dine for everyone. And then we move on. Of course, our nomadic nature is driven as much by economics (cheap rent and housing stock) as it is by safety. Still, our handiwork is there for all to see here in Washington, New York City, California or on Bravo. But this doesn’t reflect the reality. Just like most Americans with families, the gays don’t make a lot of money. Actually, they make less.

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