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Albert Ogle to be installed as an Honorary Canon of St. Paul’s Cathedral in San Diego on Sunday

SAN DIEGO – Albert Ogle will be installed as an Honorary Canon of St. Paul’s Cathedral in San Diego this weekend.

The Rev. David Norgard will also be named a Canon. The installation ceremony will occur during the 10:30 am Sunday service at St. Paul’s.

The title of canon is still given in many dioceses to senior clergy and lay leaders as a largely honorary title. It is usually awarded in recognition of long and dedicated service to the diocese or wider church community. Honorary Canons are members of the chapter in name but are non-residential and receive no salaries. They are entitled to call themselves Canon and have a role in the administration of the cathedral or are sometimes advisors to their bishops.

Generally speaking, canons in the Anglican Communion are equivalent to a Monsignor in the Roman Catholic Church, often wearing the violet or violet-trimmed cassock which is associated with that rank.

Ogle was previously named an Honorary Canon of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles in 2003. His work to establish AIDS programs through founding the AIDS Service Center in Pasadena 25 years ago, as well as early HIV prevention work in Uganda, was cited.

Ogle is President of the St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation and works from the cathedral offices in San Diego. The Foundation was recently named as one of the top 10 non-profit organizations (supporting LGBT people) in the world.

Commenting on his new role, Ogle talked about “The Spirit of 76” campaign.

“The Foundation is focusing on how to get 76 representatives of countries where it is illegal to be LGBT to participate in the World AIDS Conference in Washington from July 22-27,” he said.

“We are inviting individuals, congregations, local PRIDE and LGBT organizations to underwrite one person from another country where it is also illegal to be given HIV prevention and health services.

“People are dying needlessly from discrimination and lack of HIV prevention information. Homophobia equals death. The cost of sponsorship for ‘The Spirit of 76’ is $3,500 (covering airfare, per diem and visas) while the local faith community will provide housing, hospitality and opportunities to speak about their difficult situation,” Ogle said.

“I am glad to see San Diegans leading this cause. Our local businesses and faith communities are doing great work. The cathedral is my spiritual home, so this honor is heartfelt and I am deeply grateful to the cathedral and diocesan community for all their support and nurture of this work,” he said.

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