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Pop Op 14 – The Ex-Games

It's time for me to drag out the skeletons in the closet and pay a visit to the ghosts of boyfriends past and to that I say ... Shall we let the Ex-Games begin?

Leaving my baggage on doorstep of 30

A wise friend recently reminded me that while all of life is a constant mistake and learning process, our 20s are particularly prone to mistakes. But by entering into the 30s with a clear head and recognition of past missteps, the next phase of life will be so much easier.

Launch: Park-2-Park Shuttle eases on down the road

Although the threat of more of the day’s intermittent downpours probably kept most people inside, those that did take the risk were met with clear skies and a comfortable, spring evening and the Shuttle's maiden voyage did not disappoint.

Pop Op: White party successes

Nick and I survived White Party and we are still together! I made it clear two weeks ago that I was nervous going into the weekend and sure enough the pressure was on. So the question remains, did sparks fly?

Creating change in the world begins at my front door

We all know that San Diego’s gay community is fairly small, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately, it sometimes seems like we are living in a high school world with all of the labels, groups and cliques that can be formed.

Celebrate Earth Day with a free night of camping

"What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by getting outdoors?" Read about the campgrounds offering free camping, includes brief descriptions of each location.

Women's Fest set for May 8 at The Center

Women’s Fest is a day of entertainment, workshops and fun for lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LBT) women and their allies.