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In Palm Springs, Golden Rainbow builds strong ties to advocates for LGBT seniors

Many of our friends and neighbors, having come of age before the LGBT civil rights movement that began with Stonewall in 1969, have lived a large part of their lives in a far more hostile cultural environment than younger generations.

VIDEOS: Meet the five Queer of the Year finalists

Montreal's Queer of the Year winner will have to prove they have the right stuff in all the rig places: personality, sex appeal, community, talent and healthy living. Cast your vote now!

TONIGHT: Audre Lorde Poetry Night comes to The Center

Looking for a little inspiration? The memory of Lorde, the woman who described herself as a "black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet" will be honored through music and poetry. Read her work, share your own, or just listen and be inspired!

Notes from the world: A return to "Brokeback Mountain"

Quotes from the film's star and director, and a look back at one of the most important ever made, conveying the deep, undeniable humanity of authentic love, as well as the justifications and costs of locking that love in the dark.

VIDEO: San Diego reactions to Prop. 8 ruling

Part two of the speeches from Wednsday's rally at The Center, plus community reactions from those in attendance, including PFLAG and the Empowering Spirits Foundation. The video is provided by That's So Gay.

Pop Op: Teaching the rookie new tricks

Since my breakup I've been looking for a project; I have a new friend Jacob who recently came out and that’s just the kind of project I need to be working on.