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Inferno kicks off another year of monthly lesbian dances in San Diego

SAN DIEGO -- This Saturday, Jan. 7 the ladies from HotFlash Dance Parties, LLC., are kicking off the new year with another Inferno dance at the Brass Rail in Hillcrest.

After just a few months at this location, local Site Manager Kelcie Kopf says it is clear they made the right decision to change venues, with attendance nearly doubling since the bounce to Hillcrest from North Park this past September.

The popular dance is still on the first weekend of every month (something they had problems with at the last venue) and is still $10 for four hours of fun, socializing and dancing to some of the best music around.

dj dirtyKURTY will be back spinning for the evening this month.

One minor change has been made -- the "Tea Dance" style hours have been shifted forward one half hour from 5:30 and now the event runs from 6 - 10 pm.

If you and your partner or group are still having a blast at 10 pm, there is no need to leave, your Inferno hand stamp works all night long. Saturdays are usually Salsa night at the Brass Rail, so plan to keep shaking your thing if you stick around.

"That is one of the reasons we love the Brass," Kopf told San Diego Gay & Lesbian News. "They work hard with us to make sure our ladies are comfortable and welcome the whole night."

A survey taken the second dance after the move provided overwhelming support for staying at the Brass Rail.

Another advantage to moving to the heart of Hillcrest is the access to restaurants and other vendor locations in the immediate area. Inferno dance attendees can easily grab dinner or just a bite before, during or after the dance -- or continue on their evening at another venue -- all within walking distance.

"We get foot traffic now, too, something we never got at the other locations," Kopf added.

Besides, who wouldn't want you to keep your lesbian dollars in Hillcrest? We know the Hillcrest Business Association sure would!

Kopf also mentioned that they often hear the Inferno dance event is the "friendliest dance in the area" and that even newly out customers feel as much at home as the ones who keep returning month after month.

Even though the name change last year to Inferno (from HotFlash) signified they were relaxing on the age of the prospective clientele a bit, the crowd remains pretty mixed and they still fully cater to the older lesbian crowd (many of whom have grown weary of crowded bars full of 20-somethings) and just want to get out once a month and dance the night away.

This month Kopf will be meeting attendees at the door with feedback forms.

She is looking to keep it fresh by mixing it up even more in 2012 and wants to know what her customers are looking for. Should there be a theme night? Should they bring in more comedians? Do you want to see Food Trucks visit?

If you can't make it Saturday but still want to provide feedback, email Kelcie Kopf at KelcieKopf@aol.com. She is open to your suggestions at any time.

You can keep up with the monthly dances by following the Inferno San Diego Facebook page.

Make sure you visit the HotFlash Dances, LLC website to see where the "sister dances" are all over the West Coast. You just may find yourself in one of these locations on the right night and have a place to go.

Also, you can find out all kinds of other information there, and if you are a fan of Curve Magazine, you will be happy to see that Kathy Belge (aka "Dipstick") has her new personal column running on the HotFlash website. Keep checking back -- you never know what you will find.