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Hedy's Hints: Looking to buy a house? Don't wait, because mortgage rates are going up

Mortgage rates are expected to increase soon, and housing prices should still decrease a bit.

The question is: Should you purchase a home now, when prices are higher but mortgage rates are lower, or should you purchase a home when prices are expected to be lower while rates are higher?

Here are the assumptions:

- 30-year fixed rate mortgage at 4.64%

- Average California home price of $291,760

- 20% down payment

As it currently stands, without a drop in home price or mortgage rate, the principal payment, insurance, taxes and interest will amount to $1,538.

A drop in the home price by 3% will lower the monthly payments of principal, interest, taxes and insurance to $1,492.

However, an increase in the mortgage rate by 0.5% will increase your total monthly payments to $1,560. It completely eliminates the lower housing price!

The lower housing price will not save you that much in comparison to a higher mortgage rate. So if you are waiting until housing prices drop, you might be shooting yourself in the foot.

Financially, it is a better decision to take advantage of low mortgages rates. The monthly savings will add up a lot faster than the lower home prices.

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