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The BeanScene: So this is Christmas!

Up Front

The little kid in me gets very, very excited during Christmas week.

Sure, there’s a lot of stress involved with shopping for your nearest and dearest, attending all the parties, baking endless amounts of gluten-free Christmas cookies, and … well, you get the idea.

But at the heart of it all is (or at least ideally) a spirit of joy and generosity.

Looking at the events I chose to promote this week, I have to admit I was a little torn.

Clubs know that sex sells, so that’s obviously how they market all of their events.

But it makes me a little sad when the week of Christmas in the gayborhood is celebrated with half-naked dudes and dudettes in Santa gear.

It makes me feel like something got lost somewhere.

I’m not trying to pass judgment. I know everybody’s out there just trying to make it by, especially this time of year, but I’d like to recommend that maybe we also donate food and clothing items to our freezing homeless population at the same time we’re gettin’ crunk in the club, Christmas-style.

I was surprised I didn’t see any clubs offering a deal like that on their events, where you bring an item of clothing or a can of food and receive free or discounted cover in return.

So in honor of that spirit of giving, I’d like to tell you about one of my favorite organizations, Heifer International.

In a word, these guys are rad. Your donation buys various animals or services for communities starving for assistance and gives them the means to help themselves and live sustainably. I mean, c’mon, who wouldn’t want to get a flock of baby chicks for Christmas?! That little kid in me freaks out at just the thought of it!

Needless to say, there’s a bunch of craziness this time of year.

It’s to be expected you might want to have a couple rounds and dance it all away with your best buds. However, I think we owe it to both the gay community and the broader community of the world to not forget about those who can’t celebrate to the extent that we do.

Because, let’s be honest, us lezzies know how to party. Am I right??

In the meantime, if you plan on staying home and watching tv this holiday weekend, how’s about you check out this lovely web-based series Girl/Girl Scene.

Their recent season finale features Abisha Uhl from the band Sick of Sarah and it looks pretty interesting! Check out the cast of Girl/Girl Scene in the middle photo above!!

Be sure to stay tuned next week for the details on the best NYE 2012 events, ladies!

The Weekly To-Do

This weekend, there are a plethora of events for you to attend once you get sick of the nagging family members and crying children.

Tonight, check out 607 Productions’ Holiday Blackout Party at Rich's Nightclub. Drink specials, black lights, AND the one and only DJ Von Kiss?! Sign me up! They are running a special from 9:30-10 pm with $10 cover. After 10 pm it's $15.

Tomorrow night, The Flame is holding its SoulKiss Candy Cane Lane soiree. Get your stripes on and bring your dollar bills for some private dances!

On Saturday night, hit up Brass Rail for Sabado en Fuego, Christmas Eve style. It’s sure to be muy caliente, spicy fun!

Then on Sunday night, you can high-tail it to ladies night at Bourbon Street for Naughty Mrs. Clause, a go-go contest offering up to $1000 in cash and prizes. Just in case, you know, you didn’t get anything good for Christmas. Go shake what your mama gave you and earn it!

As per usual, check out Tori Roze Presents Ruby Tuesdays at the Ruby Room in Hillcrest, featuring female-fronted bands every week.

The Venue Menu

Peruse this list at your leisure—These are the hottest lesbian nights around town.

Thursdays - Repent at Rich’s Nightclub.

Fridays – Soul Kiss at The Flame.

Saturdays – Femme Fatale at Numbers.

Sundays – Ladies Night at Bourbon Street.

All Day, Every Day – Check out the action at Gossip Grill.

Sandy is a staff writer and lesbian social columnist for SDGLN. She holds a BA in English from San Diego State University, yet works mainly in the healthcare industry. Sandy previously worked as a staff writer and copy editor for San Diego State's independent and student-lead The Daily Aztec, reviewing concerts and films. She enjoys iced coffee, orangutans, and Balboa Park. But then again, who doesn't? Sandy can be reached at BeanScene92103@gmail.com.