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VIDEO: Local author and anti-bullying activist Walter Meyer to appear on radio show

SAN DIEGO -- Local author Walter G. Meyer, who has been traveling the country speaking about the bullying crisis, will be the first guest on a new radio show, "The Week You Missed with Diane & Chris," to air on My107.9FM on Thursday, Dec. 15.

The show, based out of Alpine, Calif., will also stream online.

Meyer is the author of the novel, Rounding Third, which deals tells the story of teenager who is bullied until he can’t take it anymore and attempts suicide.

The novel, Meyer says, is based in part on his own experiences and those of people he knows.

Last month, Meyer hosted a documentary screening and discussion on school bullying with San Diego School Board member Kevin Beiser, and San Diego City Councilmember Todd Gloria.

At the event held at LeStat's West in Normal Heights, Meyer screened a documentary called "Bullied," which tells the story of bullying that Jamie Nabozny experienced for many years while growing up.

Following the film, Gloria asked how many people had experienced bullying in their lives and nearly all of the 45 hands in the room went up.

"The silver lining of this crisis is that it's galvanizing people to say that this is far from over and we who have experienced this can do something to stop it," said Gloria.

Meyer, who works as a freelance writer, says that he has received numerous requests to write about the topic of bullying since it has begun receiving widespread media attention.

“I am happy to speak out whenever and wherever I can,” Meyer said. “Too much of 'Rounding Third' was based on my own high school years and I don’t think another generation of students should have to endure that torment as they try to get an education.”

"The Week You Missed With Diane and Chris" is co-hosted by Diane Jean and Chris Clobber, who have been doing stand-up comedy around San Diego for decades. The duo also founded the "Brew HaHa" comedy nights, a long running stand-up comedy show.

The new radio show has been on the air for three weeks and highlights "news, current events, strange occurrences, comedy, music, and the occasional serious topic."

The show airs Thursday nights from 8-10 pm, with Meyer appearing as guest for the second hour of the show on Dec. 15, starting at 9 p.m.