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San Diego Blue Dog Democratic Coalition to host first meeting in January

SAN DIEGO -- A new political organization is coming to town, and its leaders hope to provide an alternative for people who are dissatisfied with other political parties or organizations.

The San Diego Blue Dog Democrat Coalition plans to host its first mixer in January and is looking for community members who are interested in learning more about the group.

Hillcrest resident Sean Sala, who is a political and social activist, conceived the idea for the chapter and says that the group’s mission is to fight for Democratic policies with a moderate and logical process. The group is committed to fiscally conservative ideals, while having unwavering support for the pursuit of equal rights for all people, he said.

In forming the chapter, Sala said that he was looking to create a group that brings moderation into politics.

“Partisan politics are destroying the nation and our city,” said Sala, who is a registered Democrat. “Many people are grossly unsatisfied and disappointed with how stagnate and idle the ‘extreme left’ has been with multiple issues in the city that must be solved now, not later.”

Sala said that he is not creating this group to oppose other Democrat organizations in town, noting that he shares many of the stances that those groups hold.

“I am a Democrat, pro-labor, pro-choice, and obviously pro-gay rights,” Sala said. “My issue is that the Democratic Party in San Diego needs a wake-up call when it comes to how it deals with partisan politics.”

The group already has a number of activities planned to bring together those who share its ideals. Once an interest list a form, the date of the January informational mixer will be announced, followed by a fundraiser for the organization in February, and “positions” meeting in March.

Sala said the group also plans to discuss an endorsement for the San Diego mayoral race at its April meeting.

Community members who are interested in learning more should visit and “Like” the group’s Facebook page.

To receive notifications about the date of the January mixer, contact Sala at seansala@gmail.com.