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Green Tip of the Week: Say thanks this week to no traffic

Did you know that Thanksgiving weekend is one of heaviest for highway travel in the United States?

This year, America’s Thanksgiving is on Thursday, Nov. 24, so you can expect heavy traffic throughout that weekend, including on Black Friday for shoppers.

You can reduce your impact! Consider sticking close to home for the holiday this year. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated between neighbors – the Pilgrims and the Native Americans, so why not do the same? Invite your neighbors over for your meal and encourage everyone to walk over.

By keeping your car in park this Thanksgiving, you’ll reduce carbon emissions, fuel consumption and road-rage – the sexiest combo since mashed potatoes and gravy.

Leonardo Caion-Demaestri was born and raised in Brazil, and now makes San Diego his home. He is a practicing architect, student and professor who will be sharing his knowledge and interest in art, architecture and sustainable living practices to show readers the lifestyle of the future while being socially and environmentally conscious. E-mail him at leonardo.caiondemaestri@gmail.com.