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The BeanScene: Tegan and Sara return the favor!

Up Front

On Tuesday, my roommate and I drove up to LA and waited in line outside the Vista Theater for approximately three hours to get choice seats at the premiere of Tegan and Sara’s new film "Get Along."

Ending up only about 20 feet from the Quin sisters during the Q & A portion was totally worth it. The crowd was about how you would expect it to be: A sea of lesbians, adorned in a wash of about three different outfits and eight different haircuts.

Side note: That was the first and last time I will wear a plaid shirt to a Tegan and Sara concert. Just sayin’.

The girls were amazingly gracious and answered every fans' most ridiculous question. Here are some choice items:

"What do your tattoos mean?"

"Will you give me a hug?"

"Do you want to have kids someday?"

If I were in Tegan and Sara's shoes, I would probably be a little creeped out. Until, that is, I realize that everyone does that to some extent. In the film, Tegan discusses the first time she saw the Smashing Pumpkins and how, after every other person in the venue had left, she and her group stayed there holding each other, weeping.

It had been a life-changing experience for her. She hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be a fan, which is probably why they are so generous with their fans and always give them something new.

It’s refreshing to see a band remain close to their roots.

Whether you wait in line all night for tickets, or wait for hours after the show to catch a glimpse of them close-up and maybe, just maybe, get to take a picture with them, most people can understand that behavior. And while you don’t truly authentically know this artist, they have let you in their lives to a certain extent.

Music is so, so personal. That can never be emphasized enough, especially in the case of Tegan and Sara, who seem to write no-holds-barred tracks that create a timeline of their respective romantic relationships.

People identify with music because they identify with falling in love and with heartbreak. That human element can’t be denied. That’s what fans cling to. And yeah, maybe they get a little crazy and ask Tegan and Sara about their potential progeny (the answer to that question was, naturally, a deflected "probably / maybe someday").

The Quin sisters obviously respect their fans, so much so that they added a second screening in LA and stayed up until the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

Wrapping up the session, Tegan said, "With everything we do, there seems to be this giant group of you that are thrilled about it and excited about it and it gives us a reason to continue to do it … it’s absolutely insane to me that all of you are still here at this hour. You’re all wonderful, beautiful human beings. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

For more information about their new movie, "Get Along," click HERE.

The Weekly To-Do

Tonight, give your wallet a break while simultaneously upping your culture quotient at the La Jolla location of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. The museum is holding an Open House tonight from 5 to 7 pm with guide-led tours at 5 pm and 6 pm. And the whole thing is free!

Tomorrow night, take a moment to join the Gender Identity Project (GIP) at The Center to remember all the transgendered men and women who’ve suffered and lost their lives due to violence, hate and negative stigmas. The event in support of Transgender Remembrance Day will include a candlelight vigil and inspirational speakers beginning at 7 pm.

On Saturday, do something super crazy cool and attend the one year anniversary of Bike the Boulevard. The bicycle brigade meets up at Livewire at noon and cruises down El Cajon Boulevard till around 7 pm, mostly stopping at bars and Pizzeria Luigi for the best pizza in town. Seriously, if you take the last slice of spicy kevo and I’m in line behind you … run. Or you know, just accept the exasperated sigh and heavy eye roll coming your way.

Perhaps you have family coming in for Thanksgiving this week. If that's the case, head on over to the 65th Annual Mother Goose Parade. I spent four years of high school marching in this one. It's really fun, kids love it, go have a day.

On Tuesday, Tori Roze presents Ruby Tuesdays. This week’s lineup features the swarthy rock of The Nauticals, as well as Social Club and Groove Ride.

The BeanScene interviewed The Nauticals a few weeks back, so go check that out and then go check them out!

The Venue Menu

Peruse this list at your leisure—These are the hottest lesbian nights around town.

Thursdays - Repent at Rich’s Nightclub.

Fridays – Soul Kiss at The Flame.

Saturdays – Femme Fatale at Numbers.

Sundays – Ladies Night at Bourbon Street.

All Day, Every Day – Check out the action at Gossip Grill.

Photo above left: Vista Theater Marquee of Tegan and Sara by Crystal Hubrecht,