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The BeanScene: This is Halloween!

Up Front

Today, I’m going to start at the end of the party week and work backwards.

After you’ve danced 'til the wee hours of the morning all weekend long in a God-only-knows-what-you-were-thinking costume, you just might be feeling the need to go out with your friends and just chill, or even hang around at home.

‪But even though you might be a little tuckered out from getting schnockered in a club for nights on end, hang in there!  

Because The Nauticals are bringing their swamp rock/folk/good times business out to play and will be tearin' the roof off of the Ruby Room in Hillcrest on Tuesday night, Nov. 1, under the wings of Tori Roze’s Ruby Tuesdays.

It is sure to be a blast and a great way to finish off your Halloween jollies.‬

Speaking of getting into the Halloween spirit, The Nauticals will be performing in costume!

You'll just have to hit up the Ruby Room on Tuesday night to see what they’ll be dressed as.

Earlier this week I got the chance to talk to both Crystal Hubrecht and Jason Villalobos about the band performing at a venue for the first time in many moons.

This is your first show at a venue in about nine months. Are you nervous?

Crystal Hubrecht: We've played a few house shows during that time, but I am a little nervous.

Playing at a venue is very different than playing house shows. A venue has a very different atmosphere; it's much more formal. You have a certain time to go on, certain amount of time to play. House shows aren't like that. It’s more on our terms. We like to invite people to play with us, even if they don't know the songs. We pass out instruments, rattles, shakers. We want everyone to be a part of it.

Are you and bandmate Jason Villalobos writing any new material??>

We have some new songs in the works. A little different from what people would know from us now. We also have a new drummer. He brings a whole new dynamic to the band, so we're excited to be playing with him.

Has being an out lesbian helped or hindered your ability to gain publicity as a band? Or has it had zero impact? Are you happy with that?

Honestly, I don't think it's had any effect. Not that I have noticed, anyway. You can flip the question to Jason, and ask him if being straight has brought a large group of straight female fans to our show. It doesn't have a big impact, but it doesn't hurt, either. The way most people hear about us, or our upcoming shows, is by word of mouth. I tell my friends and they tell their friends. It's a good mix of people. We are not a gay band per se; we're a band where one of the members happens to be gay.

Prominent lesbian artists like Tegan & Sara have been quite vocal that, while they love their lesbian fan base, they are not a lesbian-centric band. Would you rather have less fans from a diverse population or have gaggles and gaggles of gay lady fans?

Jason Villalobos: It's never bothered me that a large part of our fans are LGBT. We don't care who listens to our music, we just want people to listen. Our songs don't necessarily have LGBT themes in them, but, they are about things that have happened in our lives. People can relate to them in different ways.

Crystal Hubrecht: I mean, is Justin Bieber upset that his fan base is thirteen-year-old girls??

You can follow The Nauticals on Facebook.

And now, onto the Halloween tomfooleries!

The Weekly To-Do

Ok Ladies! Kick off your Halloween weekend right, with the Repent at Rich’s Pimp and Ho Ball on Thursday. The gals from 607 Productions will be having a costume party at midnight! To get all the latest info, click HERE.

On Friday, check out the passionate and talented Amanda Palmer at the Birch North Park Theatre. My lezzie-sense is tingling; there will be quite a few in attendance for this show.

On Saturday night, of course The LGBT Center is once again having their ever-popular Nightmare on Normal Street Halloween Party from 7-10 pm with a $1000 costume prize!

Before of afterwards, check out the freakish fun at Gossip Grill's "Gateway to Normal Street" Halloween Parking Lot Party. They're offering up $5 Witch's Titty cocktails and music from DJ Dida until midnight! They're also having their own event on Halloween night, so check the link above for more info.

Eden’s Grimm fairytale party also seems to be a happenin’ spot. Plus, if you can’t make it on Saturday, they’re throwing Grimm-themed parties all weekend!

Or if you don't feel like braving the Halloween craziness this time around, I suggest you head to the Whistle Stop in South Park for their Sleepwalking night. Funky low rider jams and soul tunes for only $5! It’ll be more low key, and I bet they wouldn’t mind if you dressed up.

On Sunday, hit up Bourbon Street in University Heights for their Ladies Night Masquerade Ball with music by DJ Kiki.

On Monday, the actual All Hallow’s Eve, I suggest you call in sick to work, nurse your probable hangover, and take your nieces/nephews/random frightened neighborhood children out trick-or-treating. After three straight nights of partying, you’ll be begging for a family day. Happy Halloween!

And then of course, what was first in this little article shall now be last. Come support local music and check out The Nauticals playing at Ruby Tuesdays at Ruby Room.

The Venue Menu

Peruse this list at your leisure—These are the hottest lesbian nights around town.

Thursdays - Repent at Rich’s Nightclub.

Fridays – Soul Kiss at The Flame.

Saturdays – Femme Fatale at Numbers.

Sundays – Ladies Night at Bourbon Street.

All Day, Every Day – Check out the action at Gossip Grill.

Sandy is a staff writer and lesbian social columnist for SDGLN. She holds a BA in English from San Diego State University yet works mainly in the healthcare industry. Sandy previously worked as a staff writer and copy editor for San Diego State's independent and student-lead The Daily Aztec reviewing concerts and films. She enjoys iced coffee, orangutans, and Balboa Park. But then again, who doesn't? Sandy can be reached at BeanScene92103@gmail.com.