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The Real e-State: The emotional side of owning a home

There are many reasons for buying real estate, and in recent columns I have been addressing the logical reasons: possible investment, taking advantage of the current prices, the current mortgage rates, and how to purchase with someone else to break into the market.

However, I left out an equally important part of why to buy. I was busy digesting and regurgitating all kinds of numbers, data and statistics while ignoring an entire part of the population who don’t buy for any of those reasons.

I recently read an article by Carla Hill posted in the RealtyTimes titled “The Joys of Homeownership.” It very much resonated with me and is exactly way I bought in the first place and why I always hope to own.

I found that as I got further from being a first-time buyer and more into my real estate career, I seemed to forget what made me buy and why I still love being a homeowner.

Carla says:

“Owning a home allows you to put down roots, both figuratively and literally. On one hand you become part of a neighborhood and community. When you rent, neighbors come and go as quickly as leases renew. Homeowners, however, tend to stay put longer.

“What does this mean for you? You can develop, many times, lifelong relationships. This also means your home will see you through many of life's important milestones.”

After reading this, it hit me: That is exactly how I feel! Am I emotional and sensitive at times? Yes I am, and I might as well own the fact.

There is something about having planted trees I chose and love. Picking them based on the flower color I want to see in the spring and the leaf color I want to see in the fall. Colors that remind me of the Midwest where I grew up and fill me with warmth and comfort. I get to watch them grow, change and mature. I remember what was going on in my life when I planted them and how small they were.

There are places in my yard that I used to play with my dog Baby, who has now been gone for seven years. Some people and animals go through so much with you that their memory can never be replaced. I remember her and experience those fond memories when I am out there in that part of my yard.

Sure I could go from place to place creating new memories. Or I could stay in a home and watch the area and the people change and grow with me, as I bump into fond past memories and create new ones.

Neither way of looking at ownership is wrong, and most people who think logically or emotionally use the other way of thinking to back up their main reasons for wanting to own anyway.

Being reminded of why I love being a homeowner prompted me to choose this as a topic for this month. There is a lot of value in being a homeowner, much of which has nothing to do finances.

Realtor Bo Bortner offers his sound advice and personal knowledge of the industry as a successful agent with Team Metro Real Estate. He is well-versed in Hillcrest, North Park, University Heights, Mission Hills, Golden Hill and downtown, but his clients come from all over. He gives back to the community through his involvement with Mama's Kitchen, The Trevor Project and University Christian Church. He can be reached at (619) 840-2981 or online at his website.