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The BeanScene: Your weekly guide to all things Les-"Bean"

Editor's Note: This week San Diego Gay & Lesbian News is proud to welcome Sandy Chase to our pages on a regular, weekly, basis with her new column, called, "The BeanScene." Sandy has worked with SDGLN for about six months, writing various articles and working behind the scenes. We are thrilled she has decided to take on an area of our coverage we felt had been severely lacking, the younger lesbian social and entertainment community. Watch for "The BeanScene" every Thursday!

Up Front

"Hey, you think she’s family?"

My editor Morgan asked me that question when she and I were trading bar stories recently, as we discussed this brand-spankin’ new column. I must have looked confused, because I was.

"Oh yeah, back in the day, we’d ask around to find out if people were gay or not by asking them, ‘Are you family?’ It was an easy way to find out quickly if they were girls playing for your team or not.”

My eyes must have glazed over, because I had no idea what she was talking about, and I’m gay! Something was very wrong here.

“You really have never heard of that?” she asked.

Call it a generational gap (since we determined Morgan is twice my age), but I had no idea just being gay meant I had a massive group of lesbian sisters just itching to call me ‘cuz.’ Or something like that. Either way, I still don’t fully believe this "gay family" idea, but that’s a topic for another day.

The fact that I had no clue “family” has a duplicitous meaning in the LGBT community made me stop and think about my own slang. I tend to refer to all of us as "beans." It is my own lovely little term of diminutive endearment for all my lezzie … uh … brethren.

Let’s see it catch fire, ladies!

The Weekly To-Do

Consider this part of the column your weekly hub to know what’s going down in San Diego each week.

Tonight, check out the comedic song stylings of Garfunkel and Oates, performing at The Loft at UCSD. My personal favorite is ode to marriage equality, "Sex With Ducks."

Here is a preview:

This Saturday at Ruby Room, check out Tori Roze and The Hot Mess as they kick off their west coast tour.

The Adams Avenue Street Fair is happening this weekend on Saturday, from 10 am to 9 pm and Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm. As one of the biggest free street fairs in California, there’s gonna be something for everyone. With over 70 musical acts and 300 vendors, you can shake your body down to some sweet tunes and buy your favorite lady something pretty.

Despite being on the road, Tori Roze will still play host to Ruby Tuesdays, a night of female-fronted acts at the Ruby Room in Hillcrest. This week, check out Kitten With a Whip, the jazz/folk-rock of Sharon Hazel Township and folk-rock artist Francesca Valle. They are all local musicians, so go show them some love!

Also this Friday, to help celebrate the historical repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT), The Flame is hosting a special theme night of Soul Kiss, called Ask and Tell. The dress code is "military sexy" and there will be prizes, so come celebrate this amazing milestone in LGBT and military history!

The Venue Menu

Peruse this list at your leisure—These are the hottest lesbian nights around town and this section will continue to expand.

Wednesdays – We Wednesdays at U-31.

Thursdays - Repent at Rich’s Nightclub.

Fridays – Soul Kiss at The Flame.

Saturdays – Femme Fatale at Numbers.

Sundays – Ladies Night at Bourbon Street.

All Day, Every Day – Check out the action at Gossip Grill.

Sandy Chase is a Staff Writer for SDGLN. She can currently be reached at sandychase85@gmail.com.