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Chely Wright ties the knot with Lauren Blitzer

CONNECTICUT -- This past weekend, when most eyes were focused on the nuptials of Kim Kardashian in Los Angeles, there was another wedding on the other side of the country that was also making news.

Chely Wright, the country music star who's very public coming out last year cost her many country music fans but gained her the respect and appreciation of the LGBT community, married her partner, LGBT activist Lauren Blitzer.

The event took place at the home of Blitzer's aunt in Connecticut and because Blitzer is Jewish, was presided over by both a rabbi and a Christian minister.

Wright's coming out in May 2010 coincided with a record (Lifted Off the Ground) and a book (Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer) and also launched an activist career for the singer. She has been the national spokesperson for Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) since last August and started her own non-profit, LIKE ME, a support system for LGBT people and their families, last Fall.

Wish Me Away, the film that documents the two years leading up to Wright's very public coming out, was released in July to standing ovations and rave reviews, and has received several awards on the LGBT film festival circuit already. The film was produced and directed by Bobblie Birleffi and Beverly Kopf of TVGals Media.

Blitzer, an activist with Faith in America, an organization formed in 2005 to educate the public about the harm caused to gay Americans by religion-based bigotry, met Wright a few weeks after she came out and they have been together ever since. The couple resides in New York City.

The photo above of the couple in white wedding gowns, was tweeted by Wright's twitter account just before the service began on Saturday.