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PFLAG Perspective: Uganda's voice of integrity - Bishop Senjonyo visits PFLAG SD

SAN DIEGO -- Human rights/LGBT activist Anglican Bishop (Ret) Christopher Senjonyo has long taken great risks in defense of LGBT people in Uganda.

He was pictured with LGBT activist David Kato in late 2010 on the infamous cover of Uganda’s now defunct “Rolling Stone” newspaper (no relation to the US magazine) under the lead "Hang Them." Names and addresses of Ugandan’s gays were listed in the paper.

Kato was murdered in January of 2011 and at his funeral, the Bishop took over the service when the presiding minister’s homophobic remarks threatened to bring chaos.

Senjonyo took an early stand against the infamous Anti-homosexuality Bill proposed in Uganda earlier this year.

Among other things, it calls for gays and lesbians convicted of having sex to be sentenced to life in prison. People who test positive for HIV can be executed.

He has strongly condemned the bill as a violation of the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights and a violation of the sacred bonds of the Ugandan extended family system

A Voice of Integrity for Uganda

Christopher Senjonyo served as a bishop in the Anglican Church of Uganda from 1974 to 1998, as reported by the Center for American Progress website. In 1998 Uganda's President called for greater criminalization of homosexuality.

At this time, the Bishop agreed to counsel some young gay men and learned about the fear, rejection and harassment they were experiencing. He helped them find ways to accept themselves and urged them to keep their faith, because God loves them. Members of the group formed Integrity Uganda for support and advocacy, and Bishop Senjonyo agreed to serve as their chaplain and chairperson.

A series of reprisals followed. In March 2001, the Anglican Church of Uganda denounced Integrity Uganda and Christopher was vehemently attacked personally for his support of the group. He received death threats which prompted him to flee to the U.S. for sanctuary.

He continues to speak out.

"I want to assure you that there is no turning back on this road to full inclusion and pastoral sensitivity to all God's people in our church, and therefore, I call upon the good leadership of my church in Uganda, to respond pastorally and quickly to all these unfortunate and open-ended forms of anarchy, which only serve to dent the good image of the Church," the Bishop has said.

Hate No More

Building on the work of Bishop Senjonyo, David Kato and other activists in Uganda, have banded together to fight against the rise in anti-gay sentiment as described by Naeesa Aziz in an article on the Gary Rights Uganda web page.

The campaign, named Hate No More, is being led by both Freedom and Roam Uganda and the Uganda Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law, a coalition of 30 human rights organizations.

The success of the Hate No More campaign has the potential to have wide-reaching effects on the African continent, where many countries have discriminatory laws against homosexuals.

However, since Kato’s death in January, attacks against the country’s gay community have continued. Activist groups continue to face harassment. The home of LGBT activist Najib Kabuye was set on fire while he was trapped inside.

The offices of Freedom and Roam Uganda were recently broken into and their computers and membership lists were stolen, according to Jessica Green for PinkNews.co.uk and as cited on the Gay Rights Uganda website.

The Anti-homosexuality Bill is being re-considered and may come up for a vote as soon as the end of August. Clearly the situation for Uganda’s LGBT people remains dangerous. Groups working for even the most basic rights face tremendous challenges.

Michelle Bachmann’s Unsightly Ugandan Ties

The Uganda story takes on an odd twist that brings the issue very close to home, as stories have begun to circulate about Peter Waldron, a Michele Bachmann strategist, his arrest and imprisonment in Uganda as a gun runner and his ties to conservative Ugandan circles.

Earlier this week, Granace Franke-Ruta, a senior editor at The Atlantic, broke an earth-shattering story about this same Waldron, revealing his ties to Bachmann, his Evangelical roots, and his terrorism arrest.

But now the story deepens.

Warren Throckmorton, one of the top sources that The New Civil Rights Movement uses on all-things-Uganda, has found the key link between Waldron and Uganda’s Pastor Martin Ssempa, whose work against the gay community in Uganda has brought the Kill The Gays Bill close to a vote, and possibly, passage.

Throckmorton wrote, "Peter Waldron who helped Michele Bachmann win the Iowa straw poll on Saturday was arrested in Uganda in 2006 for illegal possession of rifles. And he boasted a familiar Ugandan pastor as a friend."

Join PFLAG San Diego when it hosts Bishop Christopher at this month's general meeting and continue the dialog about the situation for LGBT people in Uganda, and Africa in general. See below for more details.

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