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Join SDGLN's Pride Parade contingent to celebrate "Marriage Equality 2012"

SAN DIEGO -- San Diego Gay & Lesbian News (SDGLN) is inviting community members to join staff, friends and media partners of the online publication in this Saturday's 37th annual San Diego LGBT Pride Parade.

Hale Media, Inc., which publishes SDGLN and SDPIX, will be joining its media partners Gay San Diego and Uptown News on the parade route in a beautiful wedding trolley showing the publications' support of marriage equality.

A "Marriage Equality 2012" theme will be prevalent throughout the contingent, which will include participants riding in the trolley and walking alongside to celebrate marriage equality in states like New York and advocate for the right of same-sex couples to marry in California and nationwide.

Any couple who wishes to get married in 2012 is welcome to walk with the contingent.

“Consider this your official wedding announcement!" said Ken St. Pierre, director of sales and business development for Hale Media. "Walk in the Pride Parade with the person you love and let the community know your wedding plans for 2012.”

With marriage equality in California currently in limbo due to the courts, same-sex couples in California who wish to marry are forced to wait until the issue is either resolved in the court system or at the ballot box, which some LGBT rights organizations are advocating for.

In the meantime, many community members, including Johnathan Hale, president and CEO of Hale Media, are hopeful that marriage equality will once again be a reality in California by 2012.

“We believe that California will achieve full marriage equality for all people in 2012," Hale said. "If you plan on getting married in 2012, please join us and walk in the Pride Parade. It will be an amazing show of love and solidarity!”

The San Diego LGBT Pride Parade will take place Saturday, July 16, starting at 11 am. The parade will travel down University Avenue starting at Normal Street and end up along Sixth Avenue at Balboa Park.

Those who wish to walk with SDGLN's contingent in the parade should gather at the parade staging area on Normal Street at University Avenue and look for contingent No. 96A. San Diego Pride will have an information booth on the south end of the Department of Motor Vehicles parking lot should you have difficulty locating the contingent.

For more information about the contingent, contact Eddie Reynoso at eddie@himsd.com.