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BUSINESS PROFILE: Strober Dental reduces patient anxiety through LASER Therapy

SAN DIEGO -- Many of us have a love-hate relationship with our dentist. The cleanings are fantastic -- and having your teeth sparkle and shine always provides a boost in self-confidence. But at the same time, subjecting yourself to a procedure where you’re lying down, a blinding light glaring above your face, and someone poking around your mouth with a medical instrument isn’t exactly on anyone’s list of favorite things to do.

Fortunately, dentistry has had its advances, and Dr. Rod Strober of Strober Dental is consistently staying one step ahead of the game, utilizing cutting edge technology to ensure that he can minimize anxiety for his patients.

In addition to using traditional scaling and root planning methods that most of us have grown familiar with during a teeth cleaning, he practices something called LASER Therapy dentistry. The procedure (which stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) was first developed in 1994 and utilizes a wavelength of light to either cut into a tooth to get rid of superficial cavities, or to promote gum healing or gum tissue growth.

Ultimately, LASER Therapy dentistry packs that extra one-two punch when it comes to getting the most out of your cleanings.

Strober said that laser dentistry “basically obliterates bacteria on contact,” and that because it’s less invasive than using a scaler, patients experience far less discomfort. In many instances, the need to utilize anesthesia is minimized if not entirely reduced. And it’s effectiveness for deep periodontal (gum) cleanings is far superior than antiquated methods utilized by dentists in years past.

“For cleanings, we’re using it to kill the bacteria that’s in the gum tissue and to promote faster healing and decreased inflammation,” Strober said. “In using a laser, you get much less bleeding because you’re cauterizing blood vessels while you’re doing the cleaning. That translates into patients have a much shorter healing time and it will allow for them to see much faster results.”

Laser dentistry can also be utilized for patients who report tooth sensitivity.

“If you have a patient that has tooth sensitivity, I can wave the laser over that area and it will decrease that sensitivity immediately,” he said, furthering that the laser is able to seal tubules at the root of the tooth that cause sensitivity to hot and cold.

Patients with “gummy smiles” can also have their gums reshaped through laser dentistry.

“For patients who maybe have too much gum showing, we can use the laser to re-contour the gum to help improve their smile,” Strober said.
At this point, you may be curios to learn if laser dentistry can be utilized in other aspects as well. The answer to that query, is a resounding “yes.”

Lasers can be utilized to relieve pain associated with canker sores and to help heal lesions within the mouth. They can be utilized during a root canal procedure to kill and remove bacteria. In some instances, tooth decay can be rectified through the use of a laser- and once the cavity has been filled, lasers can also be used to harden the filling.

For the life-long dental phobes, making the switch from a dentist who utilizes older technology to Strober Dental is very likely to make your twice-a-year appointments far less agonizing. His office staff is fantastic, the setting is more like walking into a spa than it is a dental office, and because he’s consistently staying one step ahead of the game when it comes to technology and advancements, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving the highest standard of care.

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