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BUSINESS PROFILE: At Every Shape Fitness, work out on your time, your schedule

SAN DIEGO -- Many view a trip to the gym as a daunting task. Not only can it entail waking at an ungodly hour to ensure arriving prior to the morning rush, but if you don’t plan it just right, or if your schedule switches and you need to go in the evening, you could find yourself spending just as much time waiting for a piece of equipment as you spend on your workout.

Is there a better solution? Brandon Pomerantz of Every Shape Fitness says yes.

Pomerantz, who holds a bachelor’s degree in recreation and fitness management (with a minor in sport and exercise psychology and community health), is accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine as a fitness specialist. Basically, he knows his stuff.

“The fact of the matter is that a lot of men and women don’t like a gym atmosphere for any number of reasons,” Pomerantz said. “So with Every Shape Fitness, we’ve taken personal training and made it mobile.”

Living in San Diego where the weather is beautiful year-round, he said, allows Every Shape Fitness to train their clients in a wide array of open spaces- spaces that don’t involve wall length mirrors and crowded rooms.

“We come to our clients,” he said. “We can train people in the privacy of their own homes or we can train at any number of parks or beaches. And because of that we don’t have to get stuck doing the same normal thing every time.”

Another attractive aspect of a more intimate training environment is the relationship Every Shape Fitness’ clients develop with their trainer.

“If we’re coming to their house or a park nearby, the bond between our trainers and clients becomes a lot closer,” Pomerantz said. “People are much more likely to continue with someone they trust. It also holds people more accountable- in a good way. They want to push themselves and they want to succeed because they don’t want to let their trainer down.”

Should you more have an interest in training alongside a friend or partner as opposed to by yourself, buddy training is also an option.

“If you have partners that want to work together, or a husband and wife, or a couple friends, you can also train in small groups which can be a lot of fun,” he said. “You’re able to do a lot more circuit training when there is more than one person, and because the groups are still very small, it still allows for that closer bond between our trainers. This is important because that level of accountability is still there, meaning people tend to push themselves harder than they might in a larger boot-camp type training session.”

Pomerantz said he wasn’t always the fitness guru he is today, yet the journey he took from the person he once was to the person he is today has inspired him to make a career of wanting to help others attain their fitness goals.

“When I was in high school I had challenges with depression and self-esteem and eventually my mom suggested I go out for the cross country team,” he said. “And I fell in love with the whole idea of just living a healthy lifestyle and the camaraderie you get with your friends and teammates- and how when you feel confident, you can do anything. After I changed my life I wanted to find a way to help other people change their lives as well.

“The reason my team and I work in this field is because there is nothing greater than helping people achieve what they want to do, whether it’s to feel better about themselves or to become healthier over all,” Pomerantz said. “There are plenty of other jobs out there, but the reason we’ve all chose this one is because of our passion for it.”

If you find yourself in a place where you’re interested in beginning (or revamping) your fitness regime, a call to Every Shape Fitness could very well change your life. In addition to helping you develop a workout to maximize training results, their team of nationally accredited trainers will help evaluate your current fitness level, diet and target body fat percentage in order to formulate the best plan moving forward.

And while some still cringe at the notion that in-home training may be too costly, training sessions with Every Shape Fitness fall within the same range as those charged by a brick-and-mortar gym- without the added cost of a monthly membership fee. Training with a friend, Pomerantz said, can further shrink that cost. Should you not have your own training equipment, you need not be concerned. Every Shape Fitness trainers can bring equipment them.

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For more information about Pomerantz, Every Shape Fitness or to schedule a consult, call (619) 630-5160 or click HERE.

Brandon Pomerantz
Certified Health Fitness Specialist
Fitness Manager for Every Shape Fitness