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The Art of Listening

Listening is such a valuable skill to learn and practice. Not just hearing, but actually listening.

Filth2Go November 6, 2009

Let me slip in a special thank you to Brent Corrigan. I recently helped launch SDGLN.com, which is a new online gay 'zine for the San Diego community. I was surprised and touched that Brent (and his hot friend Johnny) showed up to support me - and thrill the capacity crowd.

Adventures in Dating

Recently single, I find that boys are once again on my radar – dead center.

Filth2Go- October 30, 2009

Last week, Rosie O'Donnell sat down for a marathon interview with Howard Stern. Yes, Howard Stern and, no, hell hasn't frozen over. You're not the only one who's surprised.

Homosexuality and the Bible

Ever get tired of people throwing Bible verses at you, and using religion as an excuse for condemning homosexuality?

Filth2Go- October 23, 2009

Didya miss me, San Diego? Sure, it's been a few months, but never too busy for you! I was even down in your neck of the woods hosting a screening of "Mommie Dearest" for FilmOut. And now I'm with SDGLN. I have a funny feeling we'll be seeing alot more of each other.

An American Tourist in Korea: Homo Hill

The would be “gayborhood” of Seoul is represented by a dark alley, two blocks from the main road in a district named Itaewon. To get there, one must pass through Hooker Hill, which is named for - you guessed it...